Thursday, May 10, 2007

Her Eminence Is Eminent!

This Sunday May 13 starting promptly at 10:00 A.M. PST (no cheating)
The All-Seeing All-Knowing Madame Mecca shall return!
The first 20 questions, yes,
20 questions will be answered!
only 5 bucks per question (just kidding)

Chose your thoughts Wisely
and Prepare to be Enthralled!
for Madame Mecca knows all and sees all!*

*brought to you by Ain't JerMama's Pancake Mix
now available in stores everywhere.

the rules of engagement:
in order to play fair, please do not post a question
until 10 A.M. PST.
I will answer the first 20 questions only.
one question per person, please.
no further questions about underwear.


  1. Darn, I had another underwear question.

  2. ¿¿preguntas, preguntas patti??
    y la pregunta es...
    mmm ¿puedo ir al baño? (just kidding, have you ever hear about "Pepito el de los cuentos" is a very funny mexican personaje that doesn't exist, but everybody tell chistes about him.

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  4. Don't worry. I have plenty of questions that don't involve underwear! ;-)

  5. Geeze Ade, 10:00 AM Pacific time? That's nap time on the east coast.... Make 'um get up earlier!

  6. I knew some about
    Jeff Beck and R. Fripp
    and about Bill Frisell
    I could say that I'm hip.

    But as for the davids,
    d. fuze and d. torn
    to Mr. Belew I say
    thanks for the tip.

  7. Was Frank Zappa really hung like that picture on Zoot Allures? Or was that a sock with sand in it?

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  9. My fourth live rock show was Frank Zappa back in 77. Did you play with Zappa at the Salt Palace in 1977?

  10. Happy Mothers' Day, all.

    RE: twenty questions

    I have a 70s-80s question, please. I thought at the time that there were many similarities between some of your music and that of the Talking Heads, e. g. that you and David Byrne sang in around the same register, that I could have seen "Thela Hun Ginjeet" done by the Heads and "I Zimbra" by Crimso, etc. I was wondering what the musical "cross-pollination" was like between you and the Talking Heads. Did you get interested in "x" from them, did you turn them on to "y?" Did you find that you had some common stylistic influences? Am I a complete geek for posting at exactly 10:00 PST?

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  14. drbombay:
    unlike robert, frank never "revealed"
    his true self to me.

  15. rhetro zenberg:
    no, I don't think it was. probably the previous band with terry bozzio, patrick o'hearn, and eddie jobson.

  16. adrian,
    if you could have any car in the world, old or new and price was no object, what would your choice be?

  17. kevinm0131:
    a 1957 mercedes benz 300sl roadster
    would be my choice.

  18. It doesnt appear that you got 20 questions the second time around so here's hoping you're still interested. Does it help to say that Ive seen the Power Trio three times now, In Indy for the opener, then in Philly and finally in Newport KY. AND I plan on being there for the SOR gig in Jersey. I'll be the one jumping up and down and hugging Robin. You guys ROCK!

    My question: likely one of my favorite songs is 'The Construkction of Light'; I think the lyrics are some of the best ever written in the genre. I recognize that the song has your stylings written all over it, but I know Mr. Fripp is a pretty clever chap as well. Could you give some background on this songs inception and confirm that you wrote those amazing lyrics?

    My best to you and your family.

    Pete Franke

  19. pete:
    yes, I wrote the lyrics as I have always done since joining krimson in 1981.
    the song came out of the notion that robert and I could return to the type of interlocking guitar playing we used in the 80's.

  20. Mr. Belew, thanks for that. you're a real gentleman! I realized about 1/2hour after I posted here that I had completely misunderstood what was going on with the 20 questions thing :-D (I was looking in the wrong door, or post or window or whatever!) A second look around (and the 70 threads that I didnt see before) confirmed my error, lol! I WAS somewhat dismayed by the lack of questions, and thought 'Man, Ade must be thinking "this can't be good, this cant be good!"' case I hadnt used enough hyperbole before, coolest lyrics EVER, Man!

    So I'll just wander out now...
    see ya in Jersey!

  21. adrian,
    nice choice with the benz...I would have to make mine a 63 Corvette split window coupe. However I might have to switch my thinking towards ragtops, since I'm becoming quiet enamored with the one I got for my wife.
    thanx again,