Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fish Head

some days I spent fishing off the pier.
I always threw the fish back but when I landed this small hammerhead shark up onto the pier
a surly old seaman came over and quickly sliced it's head off!
the even smaller hammerhead was given to me.
I gave both fish to a local chinese restaurant for shark fin's soup.


  1. Nice tan!
    Was this photo taken whilst you were working at the Crows Nest?

  2. Hey men you look so nice with a shark at your hand, I know you can make great sound and noises with those fishes.

  3. Why did the fisherman cut off the shark's head?

  4. that picture was taken at the crow's nest.
    the scraggly seahag of a man said "sharks are dangerous."

  5. That pic just screams Ted Nugent...

  6. Alas, we humans are the dangerous ones. And I used to love shark too. "Men in Helicopters" springs to mind yet again