Monday, May 28, 2007

On The Beach Goes The Crimson King

since this week's first selection is short, only one minute long,
we are adding a second selection of a completely different type.

the beach goes on

volume 4 number 11 day. time off.. a sunny beach...a pitcher of sunkist orange juice.
how's that for six degrees of separation?
if you remember the may 14th post for spies which dealt with the music biz and how one must DO and TRY blah blah blah...
you may appreciate this 1992 effort to woo the madison avenue boys.
if this sounds a bit, well, commercial
that's because it's a demo for an orange juice ad.

I am a little foggy on this one.
someone had a friend who knew someone who had a friend
who worked in the jingle industry at a large "jingle factory" in chicago.
I was asked to help write and perform an idea for Sunkist.
the lyric was already written.
I spent the afternoon in chicago working with an official jingle writer
whose name I'm sorry to admit I cannot remember.
then came the fun part:
the ad agency allowed me to spend an afternoon in the studio
singing and performing the Sunkist jingle for them to pitch.

and that was the last I ever heard about it.
but here it is; the opportunity to hear yours truly in a failing effort
to prostrate myself before the Gods of TV.

bass, drums, guitar, piano, and vocals: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dan harjung
recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis.

in the court of the crimson king (live)
volume 1 number 13

the very last ProjeKct Two show took place in montreal
to a large packed venue called the Metropolis.
there was an audience of 1,200 canadians.
the show reached an excited peak and we left the stage.
I remember wandering around for a minute downstairs
beneath the stage in the over sized dressing room area
listening to the shouting and stomping of the ecstatic audience
while I donned my red Taylor acoustic guitar.
it was time for the encores.
as the drummer in a band which improvised
different music each night,
it was the only time in the show
where I played guitar and sang a song.
usually I performed three of a perfect pair by myself,
then robert and trey joined me
(back on drums)
for one more improvised bashing.

this was the last night of the tour
and as it turned out, perhaps the last night ever of ProjeKct Two.
as I stepped in front of the loud animated room
I suddenly remembered:
these are devoted king crimson fans,
many of them older king crimson fans.
without really thinking about it
I started playing a song from 1969 I had never played
for anyone in my life.
in the court of the crimson king
caught up in the moment, I wasn't sure I even
knew the song!
it didn't matter, I had sussed the mood correctly;
the audience took over and ended it beautifully.

guitar, vocal: adrian
extra vocals: metropolis audience
engineer: ken latchney
recorded live in montreal, quebec on july 8, 1998
length: 1:23


  1. Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for sharing these two particles with us today....certainly a fitting birthday present for moi!

    I thought that the Sunkist jingle was GREAT! It would have made me go out and buy a basket full of the O.J. Certainly made me feel like I was sitting beside the beach! I liked it alot - silly advertising people - what do they know!

    As for 'The Court of the Crimson King'....what a delight! Such a shame it was just the first verse - I was loving every second of it! (But then you know how much I love your accoustic bits! ;-) And how cool is that, the whole audience singing along and all!
    It must be an awesome experience Adrian, being on stage in front of all these people, who are just so totally fully involved in what you are giving them - the energy emanating from it must be almost palpable up there on the stage. What a buzz!
    Thanks for sharing - any possibility that we might hear a full accoustic version of 'In the court of the Crimson King' from you in the future?

  2. What did Robert think when he heard you doing 'In The Court of the Crimson King'?

  3. It must have been wonderful to be in the audience that night! I saw ProjeKct Two in Philly at the Ballroom at the Bellevue. Some guy would not stop taking flash photos, and the show was cut short. No solo Adrian encore for us. :-(


  4. We saw King Crimson play the Metropolis in Montreal in 2000
    (Construction of Light Tour), and
    Adrian played a solo acoustic
    performance of ITCOTCK that night
    c/w spectacular audience vocals.

    Was that an encore performance, or
    does Adrian have his show's mixed up?

  5. duojet:
    it's entirely feasible I have confused two concerts. the ITCOTCK encore only happened once. much for that blog.

  6. If you only performed ITCOTCK encore once, it was definitely @ KC's 2000 Montreal show.

    Circumstances were similar - if I remember correctly:

    KC finished the regular set, you came out & did a solo performance on acoustic guitar of ITCOTCK & (I think) Frame by Frame.

    You then bowed out, while RF, TG & PM played Deception of the Thrush.

  7. Hey Ade, I have a dream:

    You with the doble trio (Bob,Bill,Tony,Pat and Trey) playing "Starless" (from red)
    You playng the Saxophone part with your midiGuitar, Trey playing some phrases on his delicate way to do it, Pat and Bill makeing great fills at 13/8, and you singing "starless and... bible blaaaack!!!"
    Why you never did it?

    How you chose the early KC songs to play at the new performances?
    There is many songs a have never heared on live versions like "Model Man" and others...
    You know we can make a long list of songs tha any KC fan wants to hear, but the best of KC is the improv... you can take the theme from "Starles" in 13/8 (if I'm right), "thin thin thithin, thin thin thithin..." etc.

  8. The flaw in Adrian Belew and Yousou N'dour's psychopathic reasoning is that I begged out of a relationship with all of them, including Midori, ages ago. If you want to know the truth about these mercenaries, I recommend looking up Mac Crary in the web. This isn't self-promotion. I'd rather not do this. It's for your own safety.