Tuesday, May 8, 2007

pardon the absence of blogness...

but now I'm home again, home again, jiggity jig.

so there you have it: two weeks of great music to sold out audiences.
it was an honor and a pleasure to be Bears again even though shortlived.
we played out hearts out and you responded in kind.
so what did you think?
I would love to read your comments.

the highlight of the tour was the music of course.
(second place going to the food in chicago at our favorite establishment the capital grill where our waiter from 5 years ago mr. ron amazed us by sending our favorite appetizer, calamari with hot peppers, to our table before we asked. how did he remember 5 years later?)
but for me personally it's always the people.
without you, we would just be rehearsing.

anyway it's great to be back and I've got an abundance of things to write about.
so stay tuned...


  1. Loved the Bears! Took in three shows...the highlight of my year so far!

  2. Since you weren't hitting Atlanta this time, I flew up to Pittsburgh for one night just to see you guys at Club Cafe. What an incredible show! That's a tiny place, but you rocked the hell out of it. The sound was great, the setlist was fantastic... The Eureka! songs translated beautifully to the live stage. You all looked like you were having the time of your lives up there. It would be a shame to end it at 8 dates. I hope the planets can align to give you the opportunity for more shows. Whoever missed this tour really missed a fantastic show.

  3. My husband Roy and I saw the St. Louis show at Blueberry Hill and we loved it.

    I can't really write reviews - how can I be objective when I'm experiencing music I love? But I wrote up the story of "Rhea and Roy see the Bears" on my blog at http://rheayes.blogspot.com/2007/05/all-grrrr-no-arghhh.html

    Here's a snippet of it:
    It was a high energy, fun show. I kept looking over at Roy, making eye contact with him and singing to him. It's such a treat to see the band play so close in front of me, I was feeding off their energy. It was one of those shows that, when it ends, you just want to go somewhere else and see and hear and feel it all over again.

    And we are seeing you again! We're traveling out to NEARfest - the North East Art Rock festival in Bethlehem, PA this June. Sellersville is only 40 minutes away, so we're going to skip the headliner and see you instead! This will make three completely different shows of yours this year - I'm getting spoiled.


  4. King Crimson news, please.

  5. Adrian,
    I was only able to see one show (Club Cafe) but it was one of the best shows I've seen you guys do! Me and Shelley thank you for gracing us with your presence post show, it made one magical night. Until our paths cross again! Cheers!
    Rich aka Raymond ;-)
    p.s. I hope you guys enjoyed the parting gift tunes.

  6. I am so sad....
    The entire tour run I was in new orleans at my personal Meacca: The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. I so hope you all can schedule a few more dates! I did catch the Power Trio show at the Southgate- it was off the wall sick!!! Have never missed a Bears touyr until now.

  7. Always a treat to see The Bears. I was able to talk my wife into making the trip to Club Cafe from Ontario, and Eureka! (I know, bad pun)she is now a converted Bears fan. We were sitting right down front having a ball. I was able to get a couple of nice pics, and plan on sending them to The Bears site so Rob can post them. The new songs are great, and of course always fun hearing the 'oldies' Along with many others, we hope you Bears hit the road again soon. In the meantime, I can't wait to see the Trio.

  8. Adrian,
    I was able to catch the Bears at Martyrs in Chicago. What an incredible show. One thing that struck me and stayed with me is how the four of you looked like you were truly enjoying yourselves on stage. The energy was infectious and it made the long drive home to Indiana after the show worth it.
    Thanks and hope to see you again soon.

  9. Adrian, saw the Southgate House show and you guys didn't disappoint, but then you never have, at any of the dozen or so Bears shows I've seen starting in 1985 when you did a "sneak preview" show at Top Cats (or was it still called Shipleys then?) in Clifton.

    So please, try to work another Bears mini-tour into your busy schedule... from talking to the other guys, they seem anxious to do more. Since I live in Lexington KY, where you played on the Car Caught Fire tour, that would be my first suggestion, but maybe it's more fair for the Bears to venture to the east and west coasts to give your fans across the country a chance to take in such a tremendous performance.

  10. Buck and I left our women behind and drove from Baltimore and Brunswick, MD for the show at Club Cafe. The show was great and it seemed that you guys really enjoyed playing together. We met most of the Bears after the show and were impressed that the band members seemed to be just regular, nice guys, which makes us even bigger fans. How about playing a show in our neck of the woods some time?

  11. Adrian,
    Just curious where the home again, home again, jiggity jig line of this post came from? I was wondering if you were turned on to moe. from the Umphrey's guys. The two bands are very tight and the home again, home again line is straight out of Where Does The Time Go off their new album. I'm a huge fan of you and moe. and I'm trying to figure out a way to hook you guys up so you can play the moe.down wich is moe.'s festival every year in upstate NY. Or SummerCamp in Chillicothe, IL. Both UM and moe. typicaly host that one. Oh and sorry missed the Bears, was moving into a new house when you all came through.

  12. My wife Tami and I really enjoyed the show at the Southgate House. Tami brought her friend, Dawn, who has quickly become a big Bears fan. We saw you at Southgate in 2002 and really liked the concert, but this past Friday's show was over the top. Really enjoyed the song selection, the clear sound, the energy, the overall good feeling. It seemed like you guys were having a great time--and you were pushing each other to top-level performances. Whew! And Thanks!!!

  13. Always an honor to see The Bears. I was able to talk my wife into going to the show and Eureka; She is now a converted Bears fan. We had a great time talking to the Bears after the show. The new songs are great, and of course always fun hearing the vintage tunes. In the meantime, I can't wait to see the Trio if they come to Cleveland Ohio. Great opener with Doug Johns. Awesome show!
    Thank you for coming back and come back this year to Cleveland Ohio Please!

  14. I won't tell you what I had to offer my husband to bribe him to come to a show with me (he only likes music he's been listening to since the '80s--but he wasn't listening to the Bears in the '80s!). He only left once for a cigarette, which shows how enjoyable a non-fan found the show.

    I don't know what you guys did to the ending of Figure it Out, but I would sell puppies to have a live recording of that! It was the best I'd ever heard that tune!

    Thanks for the smiles, and the dancing beats!

  15. The show in St.Louis was fantabulous! I'm still buzzing from it. I think the Bears live sound has matured so much from when I first saw you play at a local university. Maybe my listening matured too. Love seeing the entwined guitar parts live. You and Rob have great guitar chemistry. Being a guitar player-converted to bass player-back to guitar player, I always enjoy Bob's bass work. And Chris is the consumate drummer. Very clean and precise. It was nice seeing him lined up in the front and being able to enjoy he vocal and musical contributions. I didn't recall him having that much presence in previous shows. I would see you guys once a week for a year easy.

  16. Oh, sorry. I forgot one thing. My wife asks if you'll ever do "senior" shows. She has a hard time staying up til the typical show goes on. I wouldn't mind getting home and to bed at a decent hour too (at least on work nights). Any chance of playing earlier times. I know the clubs don't like this and may set the rules but, I told my wife I'd ask. She loved your "coming attractions" tour. Meant a lot to her being able to hear your insight on your music.

  17. We saw the show at The Duck Room last Wednesday night. My, it was wonderful. I was kind of excited beforehand to have a chance to see The Bears again, but I wasn't prepared for just how much I would enjoy the show. I frankly got a little emotional at times. I'd forgotten just how visceral the band can be. It was a thundering, joyous, favorite-ice-cream of a party that left me elated and wanting more.

  18. Adrian, it was a pleasure and thrill to see you at the Music Mill in Indy. Man, did you rock that place. Watching you play made me wonder how you make the guitar sound so unique. It was cool to see you and Rob, and sometimes Bob, getting energy from each other, and watching Bob switch basses, playing the floor bass, and sweating his butt off. You also made the show seem like it was your big one, which we all know as the next night. Thanks. Do it again sometime. I'll be there.

  19. I'm ebarassed to admit I'd never heard of The Bears. My friend is a huge fan and I went with him to the St. Louis show. I AM NOW A FAN FOR LIFE! Be assured the word will be spread about your incredible musicianship.
    Thank you!

  20. My wife and I caught the show in Chicago. We never miss you here and saw you at the Double Door, on all the other Bears visits, and once at the China CLub where I think the other Bears acted as your backup band. We used to live in Cincy and saw The Raisins constantly and the Psychodots whenever they played. The new album is great and the show was wonderful. The new tunes came off very well and I really enjoyed you going deep into the first Bears album. The joy on stage is infectiuous and obvious to all. I mentioned to my wife that the banter among you all hasn't changed in 20 years (more for Bob, Rob, and Chris). You are fortunate to have such wonderful friendships and we are fortunate to have such wonderful music. I hope there are many more Bears albums and tours to come. BTW, my wife has always thought you were hot.

  21. I was so thrilled to see the Bears again. The last time I saw the group had been at Mabel's in Champaign for Rise and Shine! Unless you count the Here tour...

    I suppose I was only disappointed that, after playing "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain," you didn't honor my request for "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Ha.

    I was surprised to not see a Strat in your hands at any time during the show. Do you prefer the Parker guitars for your current trio shows as well?

    If you come back around, I'll put in a request for Chris' "Safe in Hell." I was unable to see the CCF tour, and would love to see that one done in person.

    Favorites from the new record: Bob's "Veneer," Rob's "Idiot in the Sky" (not for any God-bashing reasons), Chris' "Keep My Own Counsel" and your "Think." All collective Bears numbers, through and through.


  22. The Bears need to play Philadelphia. How could you possibly ignore us? We were there at the start.

  23. hey adrian. i'm the 52 year old idiot who got all gushy when you all signed my the bears lp at canal street tavern in dayton. i hope you guys didn't think i was to big an idiot, but i truly am your #1 fan. what a great show up front as was the show at southgate house also up front. lets do it again. thanx

  24. Adrian,

    I'm not rich. I'm a struggling "Amurkan" and i dont have the dough to fly all over the place and i dont own a car. I live in center city philadelphia, and I always dreamed of seeing the bears live (I saw you with the power trio at world live cafe. the goose bumps are starting to recede now).

    I have noticed in the past the bears played a show at the North Star bar in Philly... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back. My friends are all curious and interested in seeing y'all play live. I would really love it, now that i've purchased all your stuff, the bears stuff, and all the bears solo stuff (loving chris's albums)..


  25. made it back from MARTYRS in chicago , and let me
    just say the show was exceptional . the bears were in full form ,
    with energy and chops to spare . almost never has such a fury of
    complicated poly-rhythms and harmonious chordal Consonance and
    occasional dissonance fallen upon a more receptive set of aural
    canals in mass-unison. the somewhat bewildered and yet astounded
    audience could only ponder the other-worldly origins of the angelic
    and at the same time, slightly demonic cacophony bestowed upon their
    receptive ear drums . what sort of sonic contradiction had rob, bob,
    and adrian willingly unleashed upon the unsuspecting ticket
    purchasers? only chris arduser knew for sure.
    the show went off without a hitch , and kicked off with a wallup .
    the venue was packed to the hilt and quite warm as well. the rising
    temperatures did not seem to affect the performers or the audience,
    except in switching from overdrive to reverse. bob was bowing the
    upright while he still had his normal bass around his neck, then
    switching back effortlessly. chris retempered his cymbals with the
    unbridled passion of an angry young steed, rob let go of the baloon
    only to have it spin in circles straight above himslef only to have
    it fall directly on top of his head. adrian in all of his modesty,
    appears, if this could be possible, to have gotten better at playing
    his guitar. i dont know how he did it, i am guessing it was this
    purple thing he had it plugged into, but his leads were better ,
    trust me .
    my wife ended up retrieving the baloon from the stage , after two
    other mooks handled it and put it back , which brings our collection
    up to three balloons, the orange happy birthday balloon being my
    personal favorite. other high points of the evening included spilling
    two beers on chris, rob telling me that he has a new set-up and is
    going to do another solo album , and bob remembering when we hung out
    at his house years ago.
    my personal favorite moment, was on the way to the venue , my wife
    was driving in wrigleyville, very close to the spot. we are going
    down this tight street with cars parked bumper to bumper pulling up
    to the stop sign on damen to make a right. all of a sudden this
    minivan pulls out of the side street sticking out way too far into
    the intersection and too far over into the side of the street we were
    turning onto, she had to slam on the brakes. i immediately thought to
    my self "who is this JAG-OFF , he doesnt eveen know how to drive,"
    well i looked at the driver, and you'd never guess who it was !
    adrian , with chris riding shot-gun . i told him about it later , and
    he laughed like a maniac , that was really special to me, hearing him
    laugh that hard, nice be able to retun a favor, even if for such a
    short moment.

  26. Loved the show (as always)! I have not missed a show yet! Your sound Rocks at Club Cafe. Thanks for the fun!

  27. WOW, Eureka is really something special. I live in the PNW and dream of the Bears arriving to play at the Showbox!

    Hi Chris...the dude from Mrs Muhn's class...

  28. Oh, Adrian you had to ask! So here goes.

    There was one BIG reason why you guys gave me one of the best shows I've seen all year...but first some other business.

    I saw The Bears in Chicago on May 1st, 2007. I saw you guys twice at Martyr's on your previous tour and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    This time around, the Bears seemed more like a contemporary band than last time. In 2002, you had one new CD and two "old" ones. Naturally, your set is going to be made up of more of the "old" songs than new simply because they outnumbered them at the time.
    And, I assume, there was an expectation from the audience to hear the "old" songs because it had been almost 15 years since they'd heard many of them live.

    But this time around, the Bears had the feeling of a band of today. not that you sound like anyone else around today, but you have more new/recent music than last time.

    My point is that I thought the set list was perfectly balanced with the new/recent songs (from "Car..." and "Eureka") and the oldies that you probably knew we'd love to hear because of the nostalgia trip.

    Okay, what I really got out of the the show: you guys kicked ass. I mean really kicked ass. I mean really, really threw down, came with it, and blew me away. Why? I sensed how much fun you were having. How much you enjoyed playing with each other. The sense of comeraderie was palpable. I'm a musician myself. Sometimes, it's difficult because of the nature of personal and professional relationships, to look past one's own faults and the perceived faults of others and still get up there and do it. It appears to me that you guys have an amazing chemistry that's awesome to behold. thanks for the inspiration.

    Bob Kessler
    ps - my girlfriend never heard of you before I took her to the show. she was blown away. In her words, "they're all such amazing musicians, you don't know which one to look at."

  29. Please come south to Raleigh-Durham!!!

  30. Chris, Bob, Adrian and Rob, thanks for coming to the Brewing Company again.
    I discovered you guys at Martyrs in Chicago with the Car Caught Fire tour. It was just like a drug addiction. Thanks!
    Being a musician, I immediately noticed the chemistry, and pure musical joy the four of you bring to the show. I especially appreciate Chris at the left and Bob at the right. That allows all of you to make eye contact with each other and feed of each others musical spirit. (not to mention that as a drummer I have stared at the backsides of my band mates for years, its just not the same)
    Caught up with you guys at the Brewing Company later that year and was delighted once again. More Dope!
    Your recent trip to Lafayette was the highlight of the year. Didn't think Car could be out done. Kudos to all of you. Very infectious tunes. Had the disc in the van ont the way to school with my 9 year old daughter the other day and she exclaimed "Oh my god, thats the song I woke up with in my head and I can't get rid of it! I guess you can say mission accomplished.
    I know I thanked all of you at both shows in Lafayette for your hanging out and your uncompromised approachability but thanks again.
    The drum head you signed is now hanging in my music/rehearsal room and it truely means a lot to me that all of you spend time getting to know your fans.
    Unfortunately I am going to move six plus hours south of Lafayette and it will be difficult to travel to see you guys(4 kids at home).
    I'll be living at Dale Hollow Lake working at a marina purchased as a family venture. Cedar Hill Resort is its name and its about 85 miles northeast of Nashville. Any of you Cinci guys are welcome to stop by for a rest on your way to Adrians' house and Adrian likewise.
    Thanks sooooooo much for the awesome musical experience.
    Till the next time.

  31. It was great to hear you all play at the Southgate House. I was really impressed by how strong the band sounded-you were just so tight on every song. It was a night I won't be forgetting for a long while. Can't wait to hear you play again, whenever that will be.

    Thanks also for putting up with my blathering after the show-it was quite an experience to be able to meet you in person.

  32. Hey Adrian,

    I saw you guys at Music Mill in Indy and it was an awesome show.

    I know all about that traffic jam you spoke of too. I got up at 3am in Omaha that morning and started driving back home to my husband and dogs after a year away at school. I was determined to get home early enough to get to the show for early entry. Alas, 15 miles from home I ran into that traffic jam...still made your show though and it was well worth it.

    I saw your solo show at Music Mill and I've seen you play with Crimson a few times and I loved the shows. But, the tone that came out of your Parker that night inspired me to start playing. Thanks again for an awesome first night home.

  33. Yo Adrian! (Used to shout that during the 80's at your shows)

    I drove down 2 hours from NE Missouri to meet old friends and catch The Bears at the Duckroom..the same room that I saw the power trio in last year. (Can't wait to hear that live material on cd/dvd!)

    I had not seen the bears since the mid 80's and 20 years later, it's even better!

    I'm a Belew fan in all forms; solo, King Crimson, studio gun, and BEAR.

    The Bears are the only band on the planet that makes me laugh out loud with the infectious fun while at the same time drop my jaw at the sheer musicianship.

    I hope you find time to continue making new Bear tracks..especially in Missouri. We really appreciate you making St. Louis one of the very few stops this time around and look forward to another Trio tour!

  34. The St. Louis show knocked the Finn Brothers off our Number One Favorite Show of All Time! Talk about an inspiration! And four of the nicest guys imaginable. We hope to see you guys out on the road again whenever it works out for you. We listen to the new album every time we're in the car, and actually, we listen to it every waking moment because there always seems to be a Bears song stuck in our heads!

    Thanks for coming to STL and hope to cross paths again someday!

    Amy and Joe / Clatter

  35. Since I finally signed up, I can post something about the May 4th show at the Southgate House.

    Let me start by saying Thank You. It was another great trip to Newport from the big city of Paducah. My first was a few months back, through snow and slush, to be part of your Side 4 recording. This time, I was lucky enough to see the mighty Bears in action. I had seen everyone live in solo performances before (excluding Bob), but this was my first full Bears show.

    Now, a month after I saw the show, I'm still thinking this may be the best show I have seen of anyone, period. It was just so amazing and rejuvenating to see 4 people who write and play such amazing music, and who seem to enjoy it all so much. The energy was incredible, the music vital and ecstatic. There were no disappointments, save the fact that it could not go on forever.

    I hope if in fact this year will be the end of the Bears on the road, that you will at least continue to make terrific records. There is too much talent and joy in the Bears for things to just be turned "off".

    Thank you again for such a blissful time.

    so jealous that folks have been having the pleasure of live Bears. We could use some of that out here! Miss your tones. Beth

  37. 1967 said...

    Just curious where the home again, home again, jiggity jig line of this post came from?

    As far as I know, he got it from the same place I did: Blade Runner. Only place I've ever seen or heard it (until reading this blog today).

  38. Bears and bears fans:
    I'm green with envy at the luck of you midwesterners, but glad you were back out on the road. We're waiting for you with baited breath out here on the west coast!


  39. Okay... this is seriously late! Just been out of the loop here! I wasn't even aware your guys were out and about! (sniff sniff)..
    Maybe we New Yorkers (East Coasters) can nudge you back out on the road again for a gig or two! It's been quite a while. Looking forward to listening to the new album! Lots of hugs to all you guys!

  40. Hello Adrian,
    I saw you play with the bears at Southgate back in May. It was the most incredible show I have ever seen. My wife and friends and I really had a great night. Front row center is the place to be. Location, location, location. Still smiling inside from that show. Eureka rocks as well as all your other albums and CDs.Great music and songwriting.
    I have to tell you about my four year old son who is a drummer. He loves your songs and the bears songs. He knows various lyrics and sings bears and Adrian songs all the time. He is really wanting to see you bears play live.Hope we can manage that somehow.
    Please tour again.
    Hope you are enjoying you touring with The Adrian Belew Power Trio.
    Thanks again for all your music and performances.
    Good night.