Wednesday, May 23, 2007


visiting david backstage on the Glass Spider Tour of 1987.
three years later we would be working together again.


  1. were white socks a fashion trend I missed?

  2. Hi Adrian,
    I love these two photos of yourself and David.... The friendship you both share is plainly and beautifully obvious....
    Do you both keep in touch regularly?
    I've read elsewhere that David is never very far from his computer, so I am sure you both remain in email contact at least....
    I can't wait to hear more of Anecdote #646.....

    P.S. If you ever need help putting all of these anecdotes together into your best-selling book called "Anecdotal Evidence" - let me know... I would gladly offer my time free of charge! ;-))

  3. david and I had the white sock trend going for one night only .
    we do share an e-mail relationship on occasion, but I don't want to abuse it so I write infrequently. the cool thing is he always answers and within 10 minutes or less!

    I miss being around david. he is truly a remarkable person.

  4. nice pic.
    i must say, i really enjoyed that tour that you did with david (3 years later). i particularly liked the fact that that tour was about the Music, without any flashy stage show or other distractions. i liked the selection of songs and the orchestration. you did a wonderful job.

  5. Hey Adrian!
    I just watched the most incredible video of David Bowie's 'Stay' - Live, from the S & V tour, with you playing the most scorching guitar intro I have ever seen! And then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, you launched into a searing final solo that took it all the way home, and left us begging for more! Man Adrian, you just burned up the stage on this song.
    Everyone, do yourself a favour and check this out:
    You won't be disappointed!
    Thanks Adrian - sheer brilliance!

  6. Nice...but I thought the 1978 Stage tour solo at the end was even better


  7. One of these days, I want to hear the story behind the Pretty Pink Rose video. Both bizarre AND highly entertaining.

  8. In a weird case of synchronicity, The Missus brought home a promo copy of the new "Glass Spider" tour DVD that's going on sale in June. It truly is the most pretentious tour DB ever embarked on and so I have put the DVD on eBay to the highest bidder. Sorry Dave, even the gods of Rock can be wrong sometimes! :-)