Saturday, March 24, 2007

a Minor Groove Binder

the internet certainly is fascinating. (maybe not as much as the inner nut, that guy who's running loose in my head.) I went to my google page and let my hands fall freely on the keyboard without looking. this what I got: ] I googled it. sure enough it turns out to be something:

A method for detecting a target sequence in a polynucleotide,wherein the polynucleotide is present in a mixture comprising a plurality of polynucleotides that do not contain the target sequence, and wherein the target sequence differs by only a single nucleotide from one or more sequences in thenon-target polynucleotides, the method comprising:(a) providing a Minor Groove Binder (MGB)-oligonucleotide conjugate, wherein the sequence of the oligonucleotide is perfectly complementary to the target sequence;(b) incubating the MGB-oligonucleotide conjugate and the mixture under hybridization conditions; and(c) detecting polynucleotides which preferentially hybridize to the MGB-oligonucleotide conjugate, whereby a polynucleotide which preferentially hybridizes to the MGB-oligonucleotide conjugate contains the target sequence.

a minor groove about that,
you learn something new every day.


  1. I believe you have a song title.

    Or a band name: Adrian Belew and the Minor Groove Binders.

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  3. Brilliant discovery! Probably the only possible combination of letters that doesn't return something pornographic....

  4. The longer you typed, the better you got into it.
    This is "A Minor Groove Binder" place!