Tuesday, March 6, 2007

tiger balm.

haaauww. I pulled something in my right shoulder-to-neck region yesterday.
now I'm wearing a thermal heat patch and a glob of tiger balm.
and my right arm, she'sa not so good.

so I thought it might be better to have you SMARTIES write the blog.
let's take a poll!
(or a slav or perhaps a "czech, please")

let's take a poll.
the subject matter could be next week's download.
you would like the next download to be from what period?
and please say why.
if you don't care for that question,
what do you think of my new renaissance cap pictured above?
it has pearls and feathers.
I might wear it
at one of next week's umphrey's mcgee shows.

something to do.
I can't wait to read your replies.
back to the balm.


  1. I've always found that "Here" is one of my favorite albums of yours... So, if you have anything from that time period, or any of those songs live, that'd be nice.

    I need to get over to your site to make some music purchases... I've been on vacation, so have been curtailing the excessive buying...



  2. Sorry to here of your Injury. Hope its ok for the umphrey's mcgee shows.

    Between Young Lions and Here 1990-1995.
    Paticularly if you have any patricles with Bears band mates. I saw both The Inner Revolution and Here Tours in Columbus they were a fantastic shows.
    You made great music through those years. I had so much fun in those days I would like to hear something new from glory days when I Had a girlfriend (now Wife) and lived with 3 roomates. We lived paycheck to pizza, Fooseball game to Eucure(SP??) Game, Quarter to Quarter. I even Dropped out of School for a while to build a really cool Stereo.

    I worked in the High End Audio Retail and Custom Home Installation. I got to Listen and Install Speakers like the Wilson Audio, Theil Avalon, Speakers through Krell, Ar, VAC, Spectral amplification Daily... Listening to Music an occupation. I gave up playing music to just listen to it. I loved this job because I got paid to play with and listen to some fantastic Stereos. I Truly grew up in these years. I guess I want one more dance with those times. Its true you only grow up once but I find I think about how it happened often.
    Love the Cap.

  3. My favorite album of yours is Op Zop Too Wah (though Side Two's gaining on it), so I almost agree with my esteemed compatriots above... let's hear it for the mid-90's!

    The songs from that period come off as endlessly creative and eclectic -- every track seems different and surprising and bursting with freshness. So I guess it seems like there must have been all sorts of not-quite-fully-realized-but-still-fascinating experiments from that time.

    Now that I think of it, I wonder how much of that is album sequencing? If you'd taken the best of Sides 1-3 and made a single release out of them, it might seem similarly restless and eclectic. But the listening experience is probably more satisfying the way it is.

    Best of health to you, & cheers. The cap has a beautiful texture (probably more beautiful than it looks in a photo on the Internet)... can it handle getting sweated on in a concert?

  4. I vote Bears.
    I always love the work you've done with the Bears and alternative material from them is to say the least....scarce!
    Please blow the dust off of some Bears! But be careful, they've been known to bite.

  5. No doubt, there is no dearth material from most periods of your career, from which to choose. Be it the 90-95 period which seems to be a favourite with your fans, acoustic demos of 'Crim tunes, lost Bear tracks (pun intended), or guitar-as-a-(insert name of un-guitar-like-object) experiments.

    But there is one project of yours that has managed to elude my record collection. GaGa. If there are any recordings available, I would love to hear them.

    If you wear the cap, I would expect you to wear an outfit to match.


    Low Self Esteem Boy

  6. if you have any live recordings from the old "Chestnut Caberat" in Philadelphia, release one of them. I saw you there many times. One time it was so smokey, you stopped the show and said something like "I can't breathe up here, how am I supposed to sing!" you could only see your feet, legs and guitar because the smoke was so thick.

    continue to ROCK!

  7. How about some Denims?
    If not, then I also vote for the early to mid 90's.

    Didn't you once mention a dixieland version of shoe salesman?

  8. Adrian,

    I've always been fascinated by the evolution and progression of your style & technique, especially in the 1978-1981 timeframe. To my ears you made quantum leaps from Stage to Remain in Light to Discipline. I'd love to hear something from that period.

    Hopefully this is within your reach,


  9. How can I resist such an open invitation as this! Where do I begin - there is certainly no scarceity of era's or material to choose from ;-)
    Of all your wonderful compositions I especially adore purely Acoustic Live Belew - your ever-present energy, vitality and JOY (which are always present in large amounts within everything you do) are more fully focused and unleashed upon us during your live acoustic performances, leaving us with no doubt about your enjoyment in presenting it to us. Just as we are totally swept up in the moment right along with you.
    If I could make one request that might one day be enacted upon, it would be to have a DVD release of an 'Up close and personal moment with the Acoustic Adrian Belew'. (Somewhat similar to the format used in your instruction guitar video from years ago), where its just you and your guitar(s) in an informal setting, playing your favourite pieces with some personal views and commentary about how the piece evolved etc.
    Now, having said all this, I totally undestand that this is not a simple exercise to be undertaken lightly - but one I believe that would be a 'must have' for every Belew fan.
    So, to cut a long story short - anything you can tell us about your acoustic albums would be fantastic.
    Oh, and one more thing. A question that has been on my mind for a long time - just who are you referring to when you sing 'Neal & Jack & me'....?
    Thanks for everything Adrian! Especially your last beautiful download - 'dust' - I have spent many many hours trying to put some lyrics down - I certainly have an even greater respect now for your incredible talent. Once again I am humbled in your presence.

  10. Adrian,
    I'd love to hear something from the Inner Revolution tour or anything from some of the acoustic sets you've done. Really, I'll listen to anything you dish out.
    Healing thoughts for your arm. Hope to see you in "the Bend" next week.

  11. ok. before this gets too far gone:
    I do have a version of the Dots and me playing May 1, 1990 that's wonderful. I just can't find it yet.

    I have some stuff from Inner Revolution coming up later.

    from op zop too wah I was thinking of releasing the whole song What Do You Know including the chorus which was left out on the record. (if you recall, I "cut-up" some songs)

    I know of 2 never-released bears tracks coming up. if the Bears don't object.

    some early demos of material that ended up on the lone rhino were made by GaGa in the same period as Peas, and also maybe 5 unreleased tracks from GaGa.

    I have nothing from Chestnut Cabaret except good memories.

    of the Denims I only have our first acetate made at King Studios where James Brown recorded. James signed the drums I played!

    there certainly is an unfinished dixieland version of Shoe Salesman I am planning on releasing.

    sorry to say, I cannot use anything from Talking Heads. or David Bowie, etc.

    there is more acoustic stuff on the way (Young Lions live in Argentina).

    Neal Cassidy and Jack Kerouac would the the answer to who...

    and that just about does it so far.
    now, about the hat...

    being bald is cool, modern even.
    but GOING bald is not.
    I have to do something.
    I'm not so vain, but sometimes I tire of seeing pictures of my "folically challenged pate".

  12. The aging process takes a strong constitution. I'm getting to keep my hair, but it's mostly silver. And the back and neck issues, easy to get complacent about them when we're not hurting, then just have to wait it out when we do, and try to remember to exercise and stretch when we're ok. Frustrating, but all better than the alternative; I like this side of the grass.

    Chiming in for Bear bits, also.

  13. Those of us who are folically challenged have the choices of denial, acceptance, or embrace.

    I opted to embrace and shave my head. Something everyone should do once IMO - you just had a good excuse! There is nothing like the feeling you get after a razor shave of the head - 'everything but eyebrows'. (Wives are known not to care about such things.)

    'Shoe Salesman' seems to be a running gag amongst your hardcore fans. I'd love to hear it, as well as more acoustic material.

  14. The pic of the hat above seems like it just could be the winning album cover!

    Mr. Belew I think you might enjoy trying on a Greek fishermans cap! Casual, yet, oh so continental. Great choice for the on the go rugged and masculine type. And a Greek fishermans cap will keep those glaring yellow lights out of your eyes while your twisting the neck of that poor old strat!

    I was thinking about The Crim version of "Tomorrow never knows" and wonder if the band has ever recorded any other versions of this. My ears have always detected a very strong Beatle influence in your music and I found it most noticeable on TCoL.

    Also I was wondering how you guys came up with the song name "Potato pie"? And if RF was for or against trying a bluesy number?

    One more question is how did you get artist Jack davis to do your Bears cover? I have always admired his cartoons.

  15. I'd love to hear something from Talking Heads period as well as Side 3 sessions (Incompetence Indifference is one of my all time favourite tunes). And since I'm amateur guitarist I'd also like to hear your strangest guitar/synthetized sound - from whatever point in your career and whatever you feel the "strange sound" means.

  16. The song that made me lose my legs for days and days "MOMUR"

    This was always the song I wanted at the shows.

    I cannot say this is my favorite, or that is my favorite. I just cannot. It's impossible. Just when I think I've got it... another comes to mind. You've made a lot of great music Adrian.

    And like it's already been told... I will gladly appreciate any specks you can uncover or uncut to release. Feels like we (really you) have been waiting a long time for this. Thanks again sir.


  17. Oh. And I meant to mention. Having had chronic mid-shoulder/neck pain, I used the traditional meds prescribed by the doc for a while but quit because they only relieved the pain. They did nothing to help heal the strain causing the pain, so I got a deep-tissue massage which hurt more than I can say here. It was like having my bones removed without taking off the skin first, but afterward... no more pain. Still to this day!

    I think this calls for a call to Dr. Dot? :)

  18. I love Naive Guitar. I love when it "goes over the edge" at the transition part. Know what I mean? It's a gorgeous and contemplative composition. What can you share about it?

    P.S. I was stoked that you commented on your blog about the rhino I gave you at Southgate. I'm so glad you liked it. Hope to see you in the 'Burgh soon.

  19. And what's so bad about bald? Very sexy...I think of Jean Luc Picard and, well...(Tiger growl!)

    As far as songs go, so many choices to make but I'd have to say "Bird in a Box" is one of my faves.

  20. I used to use tiger bomb but couldn't get used to the constant tick tick tick.

    I would like to hear something from before Lone Rhino, because I've never heard any of that stuff before LR. Sweetheart or Gaga. I've heard about them but never heard them.

    I love it all! So anything will be fine.

    Get well soon sir! - S.

  21. Maybe they're not exactly "dusty" yet, but if you have any demos, outtakes or alternative tracks from the Sides, I'd love to hear some. I've been diggin on those recently (particularly Sides 1, 2 & 3) and would love to hear some early (possible acoustic?) demos of stuff like "Beat Box" or "Quicksand".

    ps apologies if this is a double post

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