Sunday, March 18, 2007


please excuse the pause in my blogness.
just back from an amazing week with 12 Men In A Bus!
which I'm excited to tell you about.
but first I need to compose this week's download blog
in time for tomorrow morning's release.

I'll tackle the Surprising Umphrey's McGee Adventure soon thereafter.
I made a lot of new friends (and new fans, I hope) and what a blast it was!
the Umph's are a great band and cool people surround them.

meanwhile, if YOU happen to be one of the newly interested
fans from the Umphrey's ranks I encourage you to join us.
poke around, read the old blogs, check out the discography,
by all means see "life in a nutshell".
you might find you already own a record I'm part of.
or your older brother does.
one thing is for certain:
you'll find my fans are the nicest people anywhere
and just like you, they love music with a twist.


  1. Haha! I bet you are on a few of my older brother's albums! Kind of a funny thought 'cause we don't really like a lot of the same music when it doesn't come to metal.
    Is there a full list somewhere of every album you've ever played on?
    If not, somebody should make that list.

    Can anybody tell me what album Oh Daddy is from? There WAS a video of it on Youtube that I watched religiously, but then they took it down. I miss it dearly.
    And, come to think of it, half the enjoyment was the video alone, with the mega-necked guitar and stuff. Where can I get a copy on DVD or VHS?

  2. Oh Daddy is on Mr. Music Head, and read the liner notes to your Nine Inch Nails albums. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Check out his DiscoBelew link on the bottom of the page. As a hint, it does not actually refer to a dallyance by Mr. Belew with seventies' dance club music.

    And I'll almost guarantee you find Mr. Belew hidden in one of the albums you own. As a fairly obsessive fan, I still find him popping up unexpected like a mischievous gopher on albums I buy. I think he and Tony Levin have a competition to be the musician with the most musical links.

  4. I was able to catch 3 of the 4 shows with Umphrey's McGee this weekend, and I thought you guys all did a great job. I have seen Umphrey's many many times, and seeing you play with the UM organization was definitely a treat. The shows at Champaign and Detroit really started to buzz when you came out. Much appreciation all around!

  5. Adrian.... Adrian.....
    Where fore art thou Adrian......?

    We've missed your bloggs all week.

    Can't wait for the next Dust Particle 'Birds' story!

  6. Hey Adrian,

    I had a blast seeing you play with UM for 3 shows...Your opener set was really goood esp. the 3rd night in pontiac mi. The energy of these shows was amazing and i am sure you turned alot of the younger generation there on.

    The pontiac concert was in an old church that was over 100 years old. We arrived early, soo lisa and i got the chance to actually take a nap inside the church. By the time adrian took the stage the place was completely packed. People were actually trying to request songs during belew's set. I saw alot of his fans there.

    This was a great experience for me and my fiancee lisa. Our baby would kick everytime he heard belew's guitar roar. Atleast that is what pregnant lisa tells me. We also had the chance to catch adrian at the dayton and newport power trio shows last our unborn son has heard the magic before.

    At the end of set two each night adrian would come out and play 3 songs or more with UM. They rocked out RED and Thela Plus a different beatles tune each night. I am the walrus was HOT!

  7. Adrian, great show in South Bend on the final night. As other's have said, it was a killer version of Red. I'd love it if The Bears came here to play. Or KC, for that matter. The Morris is a great venue.

    I hope you enjoyed your stay. Did you get to see the Studebaker Museum, as you had hoped? It is a treat for those who appreciate old cars. That same weekend Notre Dame hosted the "Cavalcade of Wheels", which is a hot rod car show that dates back probably over 30 years now. I was working the show with the South Bend Region of the SCCA, and thought of you and your collection as I walked with my son amongst the displays.

    It's great to see the regular blog postings. I'm a fan from a pretty long time back (Discipline, Twang Bar Tour, and on). I'm going to have to head over and pick up a few "specks".

    Thanks so much for the many years of musical happiness. I'm passing it on to my kids. My 6-year-old son loves "Big Electric Cat."

  8. I got to see The Trio with U.M and... Bela Fleck and The Flecktones.
    What an incredible night of collaborations and magical happenings.

    Thanks !!!!