Wednesday, March 7, 2007

hey, SchMARTIES* don't forget to enter artwork for the dust artwork contest
over at Planet Crimson. there are some good ones so far, but you still have two
days left to enter and WIN! an autographed picture of Moses.

*I like to pronounce it like Billy Crystal would in the movie "Princess Bride".


  1. See what you are up against here:

    Fifty four entries so far!

  2. I vote for #20 ......

    some very cool designs, but I think this one sticks way out in front of the competition!

    have a 'rhino' day!

  3. "My name is Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father. Now you die"
    Best wishes from Argentina

  4. Man, I like a LOT of those designs, many of them are really good. I vote for #5 as my "slight" favorite. ....and wuv....twue wuv......

  5. "No more Rhyming now I mean it"
    "Does anybody want a peanut!!"

  6. Adrian, You totally rule.

    I've been listening to King Crimson for many years and recently been watching some performances on You Tube. Totally awesome. Make me think I should give up playing guitar!

    Are we going to see a final Crimson tour? Please say yes!

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