Sunday, March 25, 2007


yesterday was a good day.
Saul Zonana* and his wife Nicole are visiting.
he and I spent 5 hours digging through the hard drive containing the power trio performances earmarked to be side 4.
by five o'clock we were listening to
rough mixes of dayton and newport.
the rough mixes were unadorned,
raw as sushi,
but they sounded powerful,
charged with energy.

Wow! eric and julie are just awesome!
finally I can hear them without being preoccupied dancing on a pedalboard while singing in one time signature and playing in another. we have a beautiful trio portrait done by mark colman and I've begun designing the artwork, so now I can rest assured we have a live side 4 on the burner.

*some of you may remember saul zonana as our opening act or you might just have his record I was part of 42 days (a good idea). saul has been listening since the inception of the mike and mike trio and throughout the growth of this awesome trio with eric and julie. I can't think of a better person to partner with for the mixing of this, my first live solo record.


  1. Can;r wait to hear the new live stuff, as well as the new Bears record!

    Hurry up! :-)


  2. Adrian, I just discovered your website, I've been reading through some of the blogs, browsing all the pages - I can't drink it all down fast enough!

    I really loved your story about meeting Paul McCartney - I want you to know that it sounds very similar to my experience meeting you, even though I didn't get to have tea with you. This would have been in 94? or late 93? at the Bottom Line in New York. It was you, acoustic guitar and you talked quite a bit in between songs and it was wonderful! My (now ex-)wife and I bought a couple of the acoustic "White Albums" and stuck around for you to sign them. I was the very tall and very "aw garsh" star-struck fellow who asked if I could shake your hand and you, acting every bit the gracious gent you must be, stood up and gave me a hearty handshake which was wonderful!

    But, as I'm going to guess that hearing the Beatles changed your life, it was on my first hearing of Elephant Talk that my life was changed. I thought that "this! this is the future of music!" I was so taken by the rubbery harmony, the cubist-styled angularity of the music, your voice, your playing, the the groove laid down on the Stick - the whole thing. It was truly an epiphany for me. Shortly thereafter I bought Lone Rhino and I was a changed man for life.

    I moved to an island off of New England, Nantucket, from which it was a monumental pain in the arse to leave, but I finally did get off the old sand bar to hear you play in Philly with your Bears-mates. It was heavenly. I was in the second row, right in the center and I couldn't take it all in enough. You were playing these two Strats, one orange and other purple, with these fat connector plugs and some extra push button controls of some sort on the treble side of the bridge and middle pickups. It looked like you had two recent model Fender Twins in front of you, pointing up at you acting as your guitar monitors? The show was just wonderful, I loved how you switched to the drum kit in mid-song during "Momur", I have to say you looked cute behind the drums. By the end of the night you were pulling the knobs off your Strat with your teeth and launching them out to us in the crowd with a "pit-uie"! I didn't get one, or any of the picks you tossed out to us, but it was still an unforgettable experience.

    After that show, my girlfriend and I were just wandering in front of the hall, completely blown away by the experience. You guys came by in your tour bus and I must have made some sort of impression as Rob Fetters and pointed and smiled at us as he was saying something to the rest of you inside the bus. What a treat!

    While living in New York, I became friends with an older fellow who had worked for the Mets for a number of years, starting when they were brand new and before Shea Stadium was built. Once, he told me, they needed all the staff they could find for a special event at the, then, new stadium. It was the Beatles concert and he couldn't understand why all the girls were screaming and he thought that they sounded terrible! He was, of all things, the original "Mr. Met", a mascot on the field with a giant papier mache baseball head.

    I'm rambling, please to forgive. I wish I could have the privilege of trading stories in person, just like the zillion of other fans of yours. I'm sure that you must be well-loved by a lot of fans, like myself, and that is as it should be for you surely deserve all that and much more!

    Thank you for adding a lot of joy to my life with your music. You've definitely helped shaped me as a guitar player and opened my ears and thoughts to new and wonderful things.

    Kind regards,


  3. Is there gonna be a DVD packaged with it ?
    Or is that a separate, stand alone project for future release ?

    Anxiously awaiting both.

  4. as of this moment there is no DVD planned.

  5. Looking forward to the New BEARS and the Side 4 LIVE cds~!

    Sure hope you bring back the POWER TRIO ver2.0 Return of the SLICK KIDS!
    To the Neighborhood Theater here in beautiful Charlotte, NC! We have not seen you here since The Power Trio ver 1.0 MIKESquared! Which by the way was incredible! Or maybe the BEARS could swing down here? Sure miss seeing you play in this area.

    I am the guy who gave you that ADE embroidered Hat at the Cat's Cradle in Carborro.