Saturday, March 10, 2007

Anecdote # 505.2

A Second Helping Of Fab.
it was way back in 1978 that I met my first Beatle
but he was eating dinner
so I didn't want to interrupt his...
I know I shouldn't,
it would be rude to....
but it really was Ringo Starr and...
I couldn't help my young self.
I went over to his table, introduced myself
as someone playing a show tomorrow night with frank zappa
and would he like to come as my guest?
"oh, no thanks mate, I'm strictly 4/4".


  1. oh, no mate, that's not how I took it. ringo knew frank well, in fact he played frank in the frankzzz's film 200 motels. ringo looked just like him.

    the 4/4 that changed the world!

  2. That is a great Ringo comeback. I can almost hear the rimshot... ba dum tisssh!

    I wouldn't have been able to resist interrupting his dinner either. I'm a huge Beatles fan as well.

  3. Need it be mentioned that the finale to 200 Motels is "Strictly Genteel"?

    Needed or not, I mentioned it.

  4. I've never interrupt your dinner, but it makes me feel better about the times I've said hello. (About six at last count.)

    Been too long now, not since the Bears at Linaugh's in 2002.