Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eureka! We have it!

StoreBelew is releasing the new Bears record Eureka!
the cd is available NOW!
or you can purchase one of only 300 signed cd's
which will be made available from Monday April 2 on.
be sure to check out thebearsmusic.com for lyrics, stories, and tour dates.


  1. Yeah!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear the new music. Are the tour dates complete? I don't see a Nashville date-bummer. Are there any good venues in Nashville anymore? Was it at the Exit/In that you could only have 50 people or something ridiculous like that at a show?
    Thank you for your music.

  2. The hats! Awesome. :) How do you do all this? Do you ever sleep?

    Please bring the Bears to Seattle this round. I know we're way over here at the left, but we have good places to play. And fish, Bears like fish.

  3. here are the dates:

    4 –26-07
    Beachland Ballroom
    Cleveland OH

    Club Café
    Pittsburgh PA

    Canal St. Tavern
    Dayton OH

    Lafayette Brewing Company
    Lafayette, IN

    Chicago IL

    Blueberry Hill
    St. Louis, MO

    The Music Mill
    Indianapolis, IN

    Southgate House
    Newport, KY (Cincinnati)

    sorry if we miss your city but we can only afford to play where a good enough offer exists from the local promoter(s). there may well be a second tour later in the year depending on demand.
    meanwhile, enjoy the music!

  4. I went to Storebelew but couldn't find the download or order form. What am I missing?

  5. Eureka! it looks like a road trip. Sad there's no Higher Ground or Boston show, but anywhere is better than nowhere. Great clubs up in Toronto eh! Maybe you guys could squeeze one in up here. If not road trip (again). See ya in a few weeks.
    Peter Hill

  6. higher ground and boston both are tenatively on the schedule for the power trio sometime in june.

  7. Great to see the Bears coming to St.Louis. This will make about 5 times I've seen them/you w/them.

    On a note, the club is advertising it as an Adrian Belew show. I was looking forward to seeing what I thought would be "The Power Trio" show but, this is just as awesome. Though, that would be awesome too. It's all awesome when you're involved.


  8. Bob,

    The latest Blueberry Hill ad in the Riverfront Times is calling the show "Adrian Belew and the Bears". We just drove by BBH, and the marquee still just said "Adrian Belew".


  9. The Bears REALLY need to come to Seattle. I've seen Adrian the last two times here (great shows, Adrian!), but would also love to see the rest of the guys. I've been a big Bears fan since the beginning. The Starbucks and tofu are on me if you come!

  10. I've been listening to Eureka! for a few days now, and my verdict-so-far is: it's fantastic! It's a further progression from Car Caught Fire, where the songwriting and performances reflected each member's personality more strongly than was the case on the first two (80s) albums. Eureka! also rocks a little more roughly and loosely than any of its predecessors, which is a good thing. And hearing Bad Bob's vocals on a Bears studio recording for the first time ever (even if only snippets, in On), brings a big smile. If anyone reading this has not ordered this CD yet, I encourage you to do so - I really don't think you'll be disappointed. Can't wait to hear these songs live!