Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Dream Come True, part 1

You are cordially invited to attend an evening with
Adrian Belew and the 52-piece Metropole Orchestra
performing the world debut of the orchestral version of


This enchanting event happens on February 27, 2011
at The Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland and will be
recorded and filmed live for those who cannot attend.

Mr. Belew wishes to express his deepest gratitude
to the VPRO Broadcasting Company, Gert-Jan Blom,
arranger Tom Trapp, conducter Jules Buckley,
and the world renown Metropole Orchestra
for making a life-long dream come true.


  1. I don't think I can physically be there, but I'm looking forward to hearing the results of this collaboration!

  2. Hi Ad,

    Joel here from Phx, Az. Hope all is well. Please reserve me a copy of the DVD. Sounds fantastic. Regards to Martha


  3. Wow, Adrian. How awesome it is for one of your dreams to come true. You deserve it. Best wishes to you and thank you for your music!!

  4. I now it when you worked a week in Amsterdam.....could only be with the Metropole Orchestra ;-)
    Congrats mister Belew looking forward to see it live in that lavely church caaled Paradiso!!

  5. This is fantastic! It's finally crystallizing into reality! Great news. I hope I can make it over to our fave foreign land....perfect excuse for an overdue vacation. Need a page turner..?

  6. "e" with orchestra?
    amazing.there will be a dvd from this gig?
    i hope so.thanks adrian...

  7. andre:
    you deserve a big thanks as well for introducing me to tom trapp.

    thanks buddy!

    I don't need a page turner, but could you sit off stage and play my parts?


  8. Adrian this is wonderful news !! So happy for your well deserved recognition.I have no doubt you will be as amazing as always :):)
    This is the most fun I have had reading a blog in a long time,thank you for sharing ! I love Amsterdam as well , such a cool and progressive place, perfect for AB month . xoxo

  9. Que legal!!!

    I am very happy for you Adrian! and participate in this joy as her fam makes me happy!, we love you, congratulations!

    thanks for your music, your Brazilian admirer!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WOW!
    Awesome stuff Ade....

    Can't wait to hear the results of this awesome collaboration !!!

    Nicely Done...


  11. Wish I could be there . That should be an amazing show .Hope to see you Florida in the not too distant future.

  12. e

    e here,truthfully lonely suspended in the blank space but...firmly too tiny.Is nice and rotund but excessively short.
    e is a big deal,folk!

  13. That is pretty doggone cool, Ade. Many congrats. You've earned it. Yours is a life that would make one heckuva movie. Only I don't think anyone in Hollywood would believe it's true! Good luck with this project. Break a leg. I can't wait to hear the results.

  14. Wow, Adrian, that's a very good news!! what a great project!! Well, i wish u the best in it, and also wish a lot for u to come back to southamerica, hopefully with the whole Crimson crew, yeah!!

    I also wish to share with you a song from a chilean folk composer, i'm sure you've heard of her: Violeta Parra (she is famous for her Gracias a la Vida song). This song is called El Gavilán (The Sparrowhack), it is one of her last compositions before she passed away. It talks about the sorrow left by a bad love, who acts like the bird does. I wasn't able to find the exact year of composition, but the first register of this song was in 1962. I leave you here the link, for the song that we believe, is the first "prog" song of our country
    Every time i hear this song, i wonder: "would Adrian like it? what would he say about it?"

    Kind regards from Chile, from one of the fan photographers =) Connie V.

  15. 'e' is in my ears at the my copy at what you called your 'first' solo gig at Jammin Java in VA...wish I could see it live!! True genius, my friend!!

    I hope you'll post a link to the DVD here after the show.

  16. belew you are the best and this dream ( 1 of three)is impresionantly (no speak very well english) i´m 11 years old and im from spain and im your fan .in the 80-84 is my favourite time about you. when you go to spain at 5 and 6 of november im triying see you. please play elephant talk.

  17. Adrian, i'm deeply happy for you,that your dreams are coming true,and i'm happy for myself that i'm your fan and have the chance to enjoy your great MUSIC! i've heard most of your solo albums and to me, e is the most challenging one.playing e with orchestra must be amazing. and i'm sure you'll shine on the first row playing your've got your talent, and your fan's greatest wishes on your side. :)
    Love and peace from Iran.

  18. Thanks Adrian..that's nice of you to say...All I did was connect the dots between you and Tom ! But yeah, really gonna try to be there, buddy. This is one of your dreams come true, I know. Save me a couple seats and talk to you way before Feb. Ha -- you've got those parts licked , don't worry. But schedule some extra fun-time for Amsterdam coffees and museum visits. Cheers.

  19. Adrian,
    Saw the movie " Social Network " over the weekend. Interesting soundtrack by Trent Reznor, thought I heard you in there...or was it just wishful thinking ??? xo

  20. i have been playing this amazing Swedish game called minecraft . its snowballing right now . the developer made 350,000 usd in 24 hours selling it @ 12.50 a pop ! this game is the BEST . any way i made some videos with soundtrack music , a few got banned , but i wanted to share this with you :
    i used "fly" , we saw that tour , the intro for that song (the opener i think) was bone-chilling . was that the gr-1 inversion patch ? i dont know but that was a highlight AB concert moment for me . i'll never forget that , wish i had the audio , or heck a vijoe would = win . if you have time to kill , check out the vid we made , (linnea edits) and on a side note the game is like nothing else , very creative and inspirational .

    thanks for all your work , keep it commin , oh and congrats as well .

    Pt2 .

  21. Oh wow! This is WONDERFUL news!!! I can't wait to hear a recording. Be sure to ride your ecological bicycle to the gig!

  22. I'll be there without a doubt

  23. I will be in Dam for sure!!!
    I can't miss this....Ade+Orchestra....OMG.....
    Hope to listen also some classics....of course "Postcard from Holland" is required..... :)

  24. i just got my ticket. can't wait!

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