Monday, October 18, 2010

41 days and nights....

here we go again!
all across Europe on the longest tour any of
the power trios have done yet.
having witnessed and participated in the creation
of this tour and knowing the incredible amount
of work it takes to make such a thing happen
I can only say this:
you never know how long it may be before we can do this again.

last week Julie and Tobias arrived for two days
of rehearsal officially crowning the birth of ABPTv.4
Tobias turns out to be a sweet guy and a fabulous drummer
who came well-prepared and enthusiastic.
he will be the perfect addition for our two shows in the U.K.
we even learned another crimson song we've never done:

the tour includes 4 clinics as well
so if you've ever wondered how this wacky stuff happens,
here is your chance to ask and learn.

needless to say we're very excited.
there will be many new places for us to conquer,
many new faces to see, and foods to devour.
here we come!!!


  1. I can't wait until October 27 :).

  2. hey adrian...not happy with dvd..all that fancy editing ruined everything..your a guitarist and should know better..people want to see your hands etc..all that jumping around is enough to make you sick..saw video once and wont watch point to it...michael bludworth

  3. Happy Trails Adrian!

    ppstt..., hey Michael, send it to me. ;-)

  4. See you in London - really looking forward to it :)

  5. We are waiting you in Italy, Thank you so much to come!

  6. Great show in Gateshead.
    There are some things you just have to see in life and this is definitely one of them. Just perfect. Highlight for me: The "Dick Tracey" police siren guitar in Neurotica.

  7. As there is no show planned in Switzerland,I will drive to Milano. I hope ,even ABPT3 plays as an opening act of Satriani, that they will play the total set.
    Welcome in Europa and see you in 2012 in Switzerland.

  8. Love to see you in Melbourne again :-)

  9. Fantastic concert tonight in London. All three of you were brilliant - amazed at how well Tobias fitted in (he's a great drummer).

  10. Yes, a tippity top London show. My wife loved it too (but then she is a veteran of one of your Tokyo Blue Note gigs a few years back). Come back soon - and we'll treat you to our samba version of Thela :-)

  11. You guys were all fantastic tonight in London, very very enjoyable show and you were tight as hell.

  12. Travelled a couple of hundred miles from my sick bed to see you in London last night. Your guitar playing did odd things to my brain and cured me of my man flu. Cheers!

  13. London : Great gig, great musicians. What more could we ask?

  14. Gateshead show. Adrian,thanks for coming to Gateshead. Fantastic show and a delight to see and hear you perform. I've been a fan since I first saw you on the Old Grey Whistle Test with King Crimson,circa 1981,performing Elephant Talk and Indiscipline.
    Hope you have a great tour in Europe.