Saturday, October 30, 2010

lost in translation?

after our show in Den Bosch, Netherlands
(our second show with Marco and it's already cooking, thank you)
two gentlemen approaching me for an autograph began in this way:
"Adrian, you are getting OLD"!!!
"we have seen you so many times now."
they went on to tell me each venue I had played
and with which band, but I had stopped listening at the word "old".

I figure I'm on my second life.
having met literally many thousands of people
while playing concerts around the world in cities multiple times
and having traveled perhaps a million miles doing so
in cars, vans, trains, boats, and planes
I figure I'm already done with my first life and have seen more
than most people ever will in one life,
so now I'm on to my second life.

and yes, it's true in my first life I am probably "old"
and maybe tired and jaded and should have retired long ago.
but in my second life I figure I'm about 23 years old by now,
full of spunk, and raring to go!

the next gentleman who approached me seemed also to be struggling
with the concept of complimenting someone you admire.
I do believe he admired me but he began by saying,
"so, Adrian, you are not the greatest guitarist",
uh huh,
"and you are not the greatest singer",
please, do go on,
"but you have such an ENERGY!"

they ADORE me over here!


  1. ENERGY and a snappy dresser too-boot! Don't forget about us out here in California. We want to see, (and hear), version 3 too.

  2. Some people should just keep their mouths shut - haha!! Maybe they were so overwhelmed by your energy they couldn't think plainly enough to give you a compliment. Or maybe they were under the influence of some mind altering substance? Or maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. But, I think you're awesome!!!

  3. Bless you for your ability to keep your excellent sense of humor through it all, Ade! I think you're right about life 2 and delighted to see where it is all going. I vote you are awesome,too!

  4. Well, the night before in Amstelveen on stage you didn't look old at all. It was a great show!
    Thanks and please come back soon.

  5. ... and your record's not my favorite either, but would you sign it for me?

  6. Hallo Mr. Belew, I saw you some years ago in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence, Italy) with KC. I believe that your "Acoustic A.B." album is one of the most touching and moving intimate soloist album I've ever heard. I wish you a second life as full of loving, suffering and so finely communicating with your music as the first one. Sincerely, Vince

  7. Aside from being the best singer/songwriting/guitarist to span the 20-21st century mark, you are one cool electric cat! So you just might be experiencing life number three or four.

  8. Well Happy reBirth Day!!

    Hey, you bring it, I'll take it. :D

  9. So cliche ..but truly ,like a fine wine YOU get better and EVERY way !! We adore you here too :)


  11. Adrian:
    Duke Ellington said about a great musician: they are beyond category, his highest compliment.
    You, to me are beyond category as a musician, guitarist, lyricist,composer, producer..... No one else out there is as completely them as you are you! Keep going & keep annihilating 'categories.'

  12. Really looking forward for your show in Lisbon, adrian!!! I'll be the young man going wild :)

  13. I know people half your age who look/behave/are older than you. Thanks for the insanely beautiful concert yesterday in Verviers! You rock!

  14. What does old mean ? You are the most inventive guitar player alive and you showed it yesterday in Verviers. Thanks !!!

  15. i remember loosing it when rob fetters introduced you as "old slink" , thats perfect !
    thanks for all your work , hope you never stop .

  16. as a very wise man once said: "When there's nothing to say, it's hard to say nothing"

  17. old ??? I saw you at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers. No, you're not. Believe me!
    Thanks a lot for all the notes, tunes, noises & vibes. What an evening! It sounds so great.
    I really enjoyed it.


  18. In my career as a photographer and artist, I may be considered old but I feel at the top of my game. I'm far better than I was in "the old days" and so are you Ade. We are in a wonderful position, having the skill to take our art/music to wherever we want and having the wisdom to avoid the unnecessary.
    You are at the top of your game and I'm so happy to witness it! Go! Go! Go!
    Wish I were in the EU! If I win the lottery I'll be there to see the symphony play "e"!

  19. And you don't sweat much for a fat girl...

  20. I saw Stephane Grappelli get carried out on stage by two people, he looked so old. They sat him down on a piano stool in front of a grand. I didn't even know he played piano. He rocked those keys like he was courting his first lady. He died 1-2 years later.
    You've got decades before you're that old.
    Age is just a state of mind.
    Onward and upward ...

  21. did they say anything about the music?

  22. miauuuuuuuuuu!!!!! 7 lives do you have!!!

  23. Ey! I cant believe it! the Adrian Belew´s Blog!

    can you translate english to spanish lirycs?

  24. When I finally get to meet someone that I've admired for my whole life - I'm lucky to be able to speak English. If it's a chance meeting, I will sometimes freak out so badly that I forget their name and can't even get their attention. But, in case that happens when we cross paths - I'm pleased to meet you Adrian Belew. Thank you for the music.

  25. Getting older certainly beats the alternative!