Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hanover, Germany happens to be Marco's hometown
so when we played there at the Jazz Club recently
many of Marco's old friends were there.
his parents were there as well.
I have announced drummers all my life.
"Bill Bruford on drums!" "Chris Arduser on drums!"
and so on.
but it was in Hanover of all places my mouth
finally ran ahead of my brain when it came time
to announce .our drummer I blurted out,
"Marco Minnemann on drugs!!!"

stupid tongue.


  1. That is hilarious. I hope they had a laugh! My favorite blooper of all time!

  2. sorry, i use this post to write you.

    for the 40th anniversary of the dead of jimi hendrix i'm listening a lot of his music. and i'm going to be at the show in milan 11/11/10 with joe satriani.

    you have reprised a lot of timbre reserarch, why dont'you play a cover of hendrix to celebrate him?

    for example "room full of mirror", it seems have a very belewish sound.
    or "may this be love" has the same climax of "walking on air".

    see you thursday.

    pierluca, from milan

  3. or maybe, also "third stone from the sun" could be a very beatiful theme to improvise...

    but overall i wanna see robert fripp playing the guitar with the teeth :-D yeahhh!

    thank you,
    pierluca, from milan.

  4. "With Marko Minimum on drums and Julie Slick on bass, there is no reason to doubt Belew when he says, "We all are going to have a wonderful evening."
    Extract from

    poor Marco!

  5. kakakakakkakakkakkakakakakkakak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. chicago , park west , you introduced "rick FIN on drums " . you caught it and made an animal joke though . nice save . that was my first show , "hot zoo" was the opener , i has this HUGE smile , then the rps-10 licked in and i lost it . thanks . that tour was really excellent , what an outstanding album too !

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