Wednesday, October 27, 2010

post-it's from abroad

Newcastle, a city I'd never been to turns out to be
some kind of architectural wonder.
a maze of winding streets and alley ways surrounded
by huge old brick industrial behemoth buildings
sandwiched between modern glass structures
and a couple of amazing bridges which
were the first of their kind anywhere in the world.
a surprisingly good city for walking around.

sid smith was at our first- ever UK show in Newcastle.
he interviewed me after the show.
sid's a lovely man and the only fan/friend who will be
able to claim seeing both the first and last shows.
sid's coming to our final show in Sweden.

our first show in London was a smashing success.
a great happy audience in a packed dark rock club
with a power trio absolutely on fire!!!

Tobias played perfectly through his two-show tour.
he is a fabulous drummer and a super-sweet guy.
Julie, John, and I loved working with him.
I highly recommend Tobias for anyone needing
a drummer who can play anything he wants.
thank you so much Tobias.

speaking of a drummer who can play anything he wants:
for our night off in London we had Bill Bruford for dinner.
he was very tasty, as always.
Bill regaled us with his stories, his wit and charm.
his take on the business of making music is as thought-
provoking as ever, and we had loads of laughs.
Bill is on the short list of my all-time favorite friends.

Amsterdam remains my euro-city of choice,
which is where we are at the moment, about 20 minutes
outside Amsterdam on the day of show in nearby

last night I took a bus down to Leidesplein, the exact same
area I spent a week in recently and there I met Tom Trapp
in the exact same Italian restaurant we last ate in (Peppino's)
and we had a fablous meal
and walked over to my favorite hangout Bilblos
and met with our favorite barmaid Celine.
Tom and Celine and me, just like old times. it was great.
then John Sinks and Julie joined us (they had been walking
through other parts of the city) and everything was perfect.

just met up with Marco in the lobby checking in just in time.
in two hours we will be doin our sound check.
with one whole month of shows left
the Adrian Belew Power Trio v.3 is officially back!!!


  1. Awesomeness Adrian. Say hello to the gang and tell John I will see him in San Francisco on Dec 1, with my usual in tote.

  2. Good for you, Adrian. Just two and a half hours and it's on! Looking very forward.

  3. Thanks for the suburd performance yesterday. I had a awesome night! I hope you liked it as well? Did you?


  4. Loved how Adrian started the concert by singing Amsterdam instead of Ampersand. Great show, Adrian and Marco smiling gleefully all the way while Julie worked her fingers to the bone on her bass...

  5. You guys need to come back and do another north american tour!!! Please!!!!!

  6. That show in Amstelveen was pure magic ! We drove eight hours for it, for one stunning concert, and we had a great, powerful and surprising moment. Thanks :)

  7. Does anyone know a good way to buy tickets for the Berlin gig on the 19th of November?
    Their online ordering only accepts bank transfer (very odd), and doesn't list that performance.

    I don't want to risk going to Berlin without a ticket for the show...

  8. Had to flew to London from Italy as I will be off Italy when Ade will rock my country. Well worth it !!!

    Awesome show and performance ...lots of joyous noise to steal a line from some CD of the KC kind. Thanks to the three of you and if you manage to activate mr Fripp over a one more crimson thing you will eventually ascend to deity level !!! ( it was not me but this is what they were asking from the audience when you were pretending not to hear .... )

  9. Ade, I'm still overwhelmed that you managed to get to my humble neck of the woods, newcastle, and im glad you took the poor turnout in your stride, you deserved much more. Such a reasonably priced performance too. I'm also glad you enjoyed the city. If you ever come back I'll be there as the show was stunning. I'm glad I was in 'the only place in town you'll hear that tonight'. Thank you.

    P.s. where was the merch? I'm still waiting for an import from storeBelew after putting off until after the show.

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