Thursday, September 9, 2010

the pictures to prove it...

the top photo: hard at work with Tom in his studio.

second from top: the artful lobby of the marvelous
VPRO broadcasting facility.

third from the top: the handsome VPRO team.
left to right: Gerard Walhof, Gert-Jan Blom, AB, Tom Trapp,
Pieter van Hoogdalem, and Aad van Nieuwkerk.
not sure about the guy in the photo on the wall.

fourth from the top: the rehearsal facility for
the 52 members of the Metropole Orchestra.

bottom photo: an afternoon boating on the canal.


  1. as wonderful and truly exciting your contribution to music has, and remains to be,your blogs are so heartfelt and genuine they are always a joy to read.if only other musicians would take their head from up their arse.

  2. I agree with Anonymous -- always a joy to read your blogs. And when you said in your Postcard from Holland post that you'd tell us all about it, you weren't kidding... you indeed told us ALL about it! Amazing story, made even more amazing by the fact that you take the time to tell it!

  3. Wow Adrian! What an amazing time this is for you. I can say it has been such a treat to watch your story unfold from the first time Tom brought me to see "Adrian" at Cov. Cath. till now. You were our rock star even then though. Congrats and I can't wait to see/hear the end result.

  4. "a great honor will be bestowed upon you with the coming year".


  5. Oh, Ade… Isn’t this just how life goes? When you least expect it, life bestows upon us such wonderful gifts. Kinda like finding $20 in your pants pocket after doing laundry, only much sweeter. Just remember this – you will be joined in spirit by us many other musical types who are just as confused by those dots & squiggly lines.

    This is no accident. This way totally meant to be. Thanks for “letting it be”.


  6. Er.. This WAS totally meant to be. Thanks for “letting it be”.


  7. Fully deserved recognition for your work Adrian. For those who feel you like a friend through feeling you music, this news brings a lot of joy, can t wait to hear how it sounds too!
    Gran abrazo!

  8. not sure about the guy in the photo on the wall

    in my life, I've never seen a blog so excited like that!!

    I read more than four times rsrrs

  9. Congratulations Adrian! Glad to see you reap the rewards of all your hard work. Just reading what you're always doing makes me tired sometimes...

  10. adrian

    I enjoy reading your blog, I feel happy, you're sincere when he says and their music conveys so much emotion for us all. ..THANKS!!!
    my greatest dream is to know you, while I realize that dream, here in my country Brazil, I'll also write a blog like this .., congratulations! Come to Brazil! welcomes everyone with love!

  11. love are such an adorable fellow :)

  12. Congratulations, A! Just caught up with you posts regarding Amsterdam and am very happy for you. Thanks for bringing us along to share in your good fortune.