Sunday, September 5, 2010

postcard from holland...

Hello from Amsterdam!
one my very favorite cities in the world.

the beautiful canals, the flurry of boats,
and sea-bird sounds of a major port,
the ancient tree-lined cobblestone streets
stacked with gorgeous old houses and shops,
while on every corner another outdoor cafe
is filled with people in coffee-flavored conversations.
the parks, the trams, street musicians, artists,
the vibrant bright colored nightlife and the ever-flowing
schools of young people riding ecological bikes
(sheesh, this sounds like a bad travelogue)
but all of this combines to give this place
a constant halo of youth and excitement.
I adore Amsterdam!

I've been here for a whole week working everyday
on a project so special for me it can only be described as

A Dream Come True.

I fly home early tomorrow morning.
as soon as I return I'll tell you all about it.


  1. Can't wait. Nothing but admiration for you. Watched Baby Snakes the other night- had to laugh! Zappa had to be quite the mentor.

  2. A project with the Metropole Orchestra? Very curious now what it will be.....

  3. Well, I'm jealous! Amsterdam's one of my favorite places, too (trying to plan a trip 4 early next year)! I'm stuck in @ home in Reno, but I do get to see Asia later today @ the Nugget Rib Cook-off! Enjoy ...

  4. Did you run into these people?
    Bill "the Doctor"

  5. Hey!
    I was in Amsterdam, too. My first time there, the same weekend you were! I talked to the friends I was with about 'Postcard from Holland' while constantly humming 'Peace on Earth', also from your record 'Here'.
    What a niceley nice coincidence!

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  7. Hey Adrian,

    February 27, 2011 is already noted in my diary.
    I'll be there.

  8. Switzerland is a nice country too but no shows
    planned 'til today !?
    In 2008, i was there at the 3 shows.
    So don't forget swiss fans.
    I already booked one ticket for Milan but would dream to see one time ABPT3 in Switzerland.
    Holland is great and i'm a great fan of football team.

  9. Adrian, You should by Crowded House's new cd "Intruger" as it has a song "Amsterdam" that is utterly stunning. I think you will agree. It would be so great to see you & NEil Finn work together on something.

  10. to anonymous:
    there were no offers to our agent from switzerland.
    I was surprised nobody wanted us back!?

    to j:
    just listened to the song. nice. I always liked that band, a great pop band really.
    I noticed their new record also has a song called "elephants"
    hey! I already used that title back on side one.


  11. So Ade, when are we gonna get to hear about the big dream-come-true? I'm pretty sure I know what it is, based on something you said to the audience during one of your "Painting" shows, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone else. (And, of course, I might be wrong.) So, do tell!

  12. Dear Adrian.

    My name is Martin. We met during your last European tour in Jazzcafe De Spieghel, after your show in Groningen. It was a wonderful experience for me and my buddy, meeting one of our musical heroes. Maybe you remember us.

    Last week I was in Berlin and now I read that you were in my hometown, that same time. It's nice to read that you enjoyed yourself so much and have all these wondrous things coming your (and our!) way.

    But first we'll be checking your show in Amstelveen, in October. Thanks again for the fun and the great music. See you in Amstelveen and/or the Paradiso, next year.


  13. ummm - well I can seeee your excitment - you mean so much to all of US - Hackett plays with a orchestra - Gabriel is now playing with a orchestra - you deserve this - we deserve this - I cant come but you know Carolyn and I are there - we have been witn you since Zappa - every show ,bears ,Crimson,pshycodots,AB band and lastley the power trio - my wife and I live in all of your dreams - we love Ade

  14. John van der ZwaanOctober 4, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Adrian, I'm proud you love my birthplace and don't talk about Amsterdam as a drugscity like the US government likes to do (at least at the Bush period). I just bought a ticket for your show in Amstelveen, what is the neighbour-city of Amsterdam. I look forward to the Paradiso event. A place where I came once a week in my earlier days. Now I'm living between Amsterdam and Hilversum and the last time I was in Paradiso I saw your King Crimson colleague Tony Levin together with Terry Bozzio. Have a good trip to Europe and a nice stay in Holland especial.

  15. Amsterdam is one of my fovaourite place in the world, with no doubt.
    The fact that my girlfriend lives there (for only 6 months...but it's a beginning anyway) helps me to see Ade with Orchestra on March 2011!!!

    Thank you Ade, and especially for "postcard from holland", i love that!!
    I spent 4 hours to find the right way to play it with acoustic....gggrrrr.....