Thursday, September 9, 2010

and finally...

two historic things, 1) I've now written the world's longest blog
about a single subject and 2) I may be completing one
of my last 3 dreams I have yet to achieve.
(I'm not telling what the other two are, afraid of jinxing them).
having had such a long and fortunate career, filled with memories,
I have often said it feels like I've lived two lives in just this one.

it may be that I'm making way too much of this
and the event will come and go without much notice.
or it may be the beginning of a whole new chapter.
my worst fear is that I'll screw up my own concert debut!
it IS very scary for a self-taught musician to mingle
with well trained orchestral players and to be conducted,
not knowing how to decipher little dots on paper,
but as someone said, I DID write the damn thing!
whatever happens, it is something I will never forget.

last night I ate in a chinese restaurant
and was mildly amused to read my fortune:

"a great honor will be bestowed upon you with the coming year".

it already has.


  1. This is all just amazing, man. I can't imagine how overwhelmed and honored you must be. Can't wait to hear the outcome!
    Be well.

  2. I think I speak for many people when I say 'about bloody time'. You've been long overdue this sort of respect. I'll be cheering along in London next month but I'm cheering for you now.

  3. Congratulations, Adrian! The realization of this dream and the respect and attention paid to your work are nothing less than you deserve.

  4. Adrian, this sounds FANTASTIC! Having seen batches of e performed live with the trio, and on the Painting With Guitar date in NYC, this orchestral version is truly something to look forward to!

    And I can just imagine how it feels to be surrounded by people who truly appreciate your art. While perhaps being used to it from fans at concerts, I'm sure it's a different experience when they are professionals in the field of classical music. Well done!

  5. Hey Adrian, has been amazing what has happened recently in your long journey in music. Many congratulations and that everything the best in Holland. I think Capricorns are very fortunate, persevere and achieve goals for the mere fact that you should do what interests them. I just learned from wikipedia that we are both Capricorn and born the same day, damn it, there was something in my admiration for your music that I explained, I am always inspired by my work as a designer and amateur musician, well ... born the same day but different year (12/23/1970) ... something will ... sorry for the google translation is only


  6. February in Holland... sounds cold, but I survived four winters in Wisconsin, so I could probably handle a few daze in Amsterdam, Painting Holland Belew.

    Congrats and God-speed to you, ya fine lad.

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