Monday, April 16, 2007

Staged Fright

staged fright volume1 number 9
curious as a cat am I when it comes to sound.
my penchant to monkey with machinery landed me
"The Best Experimental Guitarist" award 5 years running
which put me into Guitar Player Magazine's Gallery of Greats*.
so I have no complaints about the hundreds of hours I've spent
or the years of life extension I'd have were they to be returned.
but it did come as a blow when so many favorite relied-upon sounds
were accidentally erased forever by myself and ken latchney.

this piece was released as a bonus track only on the japanese version
of guitar as orchestra and faithfully illustrates the kind of
magical mischief which may happen if you twist knobs long enough.
I could never do this again.
which is what makes it unique.

I don't know about the rest of you smarties but this will be
filling the air of our front porch come next halloween night.

*a good thing, I could never compete face to face with the chopslingers
if experimentation was not considered a virtue.

guitar synthesizer: adrian

engineer: noah evens
recorded at studiobelew on march 15, 1995
length: 6:30


  1. Wow. What a drag.

    I've listened to many hours of 'outtakes' and always wished I could listen to some of yours, well really, any of yours. To know that stuff was erased. Man. I bet it was worse for Ken.... the terrible guilt I mean. Of course for you the loss was YOUR music, but for him to be responsible for that loss. Wouldn't want to be there.

    Again, thanks for sharing this music with us Adrian - and all the feedback. Full of insight and a delight to read. I'm lovin' it!

  2. to be clear: music was not erased, it was all my GR-1 synthesizer sounds which were erased. this included many orchestral sounds like piano, strings, oboe, etc. which I had spent much time creating and refining and countless unique sounds such as the ones heard in STAGED FRIGHT which were accidentally arrived at and could never be duplicated.

    I have not touched my GR-1 synthesized since.

  3. So that was the thing that pushed you to another technology platform? A terrible loss that turned into a net gain, perhaps.

    Still cheering about the dialogue that we can have now - thanks for putting this into motion sir. - S.