Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Great Erasure

following in the footsteps of The Sorrowful Tale Of The Wrecked Refrigerator
(see anecdote # 303) comes another saga from our children's learning program
The Worst Days Of Our Lives
or As The Stomach Churns.
told in contemporary fairy tale form.

Once upon a time there was a zappa-headed boy named andrew.
curious as a cat was he and this kept him happily occupied all the wee hours.
he loved to tinker with sound modules and cause them to do unexpected things.
to no one in particular he would read aloud from his japanese manual:
"Please Now To Edit: turn Purple knob to Fantasy setting before holding
button for 2 seconds forward, please."
in this way andrew would make the most unlikely of sounds.
and thus he did for hundreds of days!

one afternoon his friend ben came over to play.
"Let's download your programs to a back up disc," said ben.
"You know how to do that?!," said andrew excitedly.
"How hard can it be," came the reply.
so andrew read aloud from his japanese manual while ben
pushed all the right buttons just as the manual instructed.
"What? That's not possible!" exclaimed ben,
It has bulk erased all your programs!"

try as they may, soon it was apparent all those hours of work
and the most unlikely of sounds were lost forever.

the two foolish boys were so distraught they cried out,
"We deserve no better fate than to be stripped entirely naked,
and put in a barrel which is studded inside with pointed nails,
and two white horses should be harnessed to it,
which will drag us along through one street after another,
till we are dead."*

The End.

I am relating this tale as an introduction to our next download staged fright which may be the last recorded example of my work with the beloved GR-1. more to follow...

*that last bit I pilfered from the grimm brothers story "the goose girl".
what a barrel of laughs they must have been.


  1. Wow, Ade, you've had your share of bad luck along the way. Losing months of work totally sucks, but what it spurs me to mention is that to me, your talent really shines through in what you do with all those unlikely sounds, not the sounds themselves. The animal voices, the imitation of other instruments, and the alien space noises are all incredible, but what's best is how you use them in service of the song, or of the notes you choose. If your custom Parker guitar, or even your decked-out Strats, blow up some day, I have a feeling you could continue your unique, other-worldly playing on almost any standard-issue 6-string.

  2. great stories and great music. keep it coming.
    long beach trio show was unbelievable. what did you think when the guy with the paper bag showed up? you guys had great looks on your faces. wat a bizarre moment. thanks for the years of aural pleasure.

  3. Hi, Adrian. Thanks so much for the many hours of enjoyment you didn't manage to erase! My friend Winter Patriot is a huge fan of King Crimson, and he has a great blog, too. Give it a peek when you have a minute.

    love, 99

  4. cha cha cha changes...

    My minds wonders as I don't think you had nappies! Did you? HA

    Look forward to giving a listen. Thanks CrewBelew.

  5. Hey tickledrop....

    Ade's blog did originally say 'nappy-headed boy named Andrew' did it not? Certainly made me think for a minute....
    Now it says 'zappa-headed boy named Andrew'....mmmmm
    It seems that tricky blogger named Adrian has struck again....! ;-)


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  7. yeah... or a little scatter-brained...*

    *couldn't imagine!