Monday, April 30, 2007

the man who ate a beer glass...

painting # 31 done on september 26, 2002.
30" by 40" acrylic.


  1. nice one... it looks like a man who ate a beer glass :) a silly've got to be a very silly man to eat a beer glass

  2. Wow this blog always makes my day..long time lurker first time poster. I really like the painting and you might want to think about maybe doing the ebay thing again. Listening to an associate of yours Mr Reznor and year zero which has some very belewesk work in it. Curious if you have heard of the whole ARG (Alternate Reality Game) he has going on with this, and your thoughts. Anywho thanks for.. well everything you do. One other note (no pun intended) picked up a guitar with a usb output.. made me think of a wireless connection to straight to computer, which I would call belewtooth..Hmm maybe I should try my luck at beer glass eating

  3. The man who ate a beer glass, north of the cat and west of the photographer.

  4. hello adrian,

    your art continues to inspire me...i am always able to find new meanings in your music that keep it fresh and exciting...thank you for all of the great art that you have and continue to provide...your paintings are very touching

    i know that you are a busy man, but if you had a second i thought you might enjoy some of the music on one of my good friends site

    if it isn't too much to ask...take a look

  5. Hi there!

    Hope you don't mind an off-topic comment...

    I was listening to some of your albums today, it was a great pleasure rediscovering some things. And it hit me for the first time ever that there's a double meaning at the end of "Of Bow and Drum"... I'd always heard it as "sun," but was delighted to hear "son" today as well! Nice piece of writing, there. (Don't know how I'd never noticed "son" in the liner notes.)

    Oh, and I'm making a compilation for myself of the most beautiful, heartfelt songs ever written in the presence of God (for lack of a better way of putting it)... "Face To Face" is proud to take its place alongside "Every Grain of Sand," "Hallelujah," and a bunch of others from the Staple Singers to Björk. Thanks for writing it, it's just...

    All the best,

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  7. Don't know who will read this but, saw the Bears show in St.Louis (May, 2). Great show. They were ON in a big way. They never fail to have fun and just draw the audience into that bright light happening on stage.
    The band were gracious enough to hang out with the audience after the show, signing everything anyone handed them.
    After mentioning to Adrian that I enjoyed his blog, he explained that his laptop had died and he hasn't been able to blog from on the road and was missing it. So, if you're wondering why we haven't heard from him in a few days, there you have it. He's well and the Bears are roaring.
    Thanks for taking the time to meet your fans, Adrian and all the Bears!

  8. Thanks for the news, Bob! I'd been wondering, but never having been one to inspect the oral cavities of equine offerings, hadn't said anything. Let the record show that you've been missed, Adrian, and hope the tour's been fun :)

  9. I know that guy. Good friend of mine.