Saturday, April 7, 2007

the back cover computer art for op zop too wah...


  1. hope you don't mind but i've been saving your art as desktop background..."op zop too wah" may not last long...i love 'em all, but this one is freaking my eyes out.

  2. Howdy Adrian,

    Thank you for sharing so many personal stories on your blog. I've been lurking since you got this up and running. Although it is definitely a voyeuristic thrill to read them, these posts and paintings add a deeper layer to my enjoyment of your work. Op Zop Too Wah is a huge achievement, dare I say a masterpiece.

    It's funny b/c I didn't know it existed until Pat Mastelotto made a comment in his blog (in 2000?) along the lines of ... if you want to hear what a genius Adrian is, check out Op Zop ... I'm paraphrasing but that's how I heard of it and searched out the local cd shops until I found a copy. Pat was right. I bought a copy for my brother too.

    I came into KC late (1985) so my first contact with shards of Crim were The 2 Bears shows that went thru Toronto in the late 80s. I still have a clear memory of how 3 of a Perfect Pair was played in the Diamond Club (now the Phoenix). I've yet to hear a better version. The 2nd Bears show I saw was at the Guvernment (where P2 also played) and that was the loudest concert I've ever been to. My ears hurt for 3 days after that. I hope yours are okay.

    Just a "howdy" and "I wish you well" kind of note, but I have to say that the music you've given continues to be a big, happy, and exciting part of my life. ProjeKct 6 is just more gravy than I could hope for. The drumming on the Queer Jazz tunes is brill... Thanks for the music and the stories and the artwork and and and...

  3. I kind of like this one, but green is my favorite color. Also, I love the album.

    Anyway, have you used the iTunes Visualizer? It's sort of cool, and there are some really interesting images that come from your music when it is turned on. Something to do with digital impulses that randomly appear as colors and movement.

    Just wanted to ask that question.