Wednesday, April 11, 2007

beat box guitar, the painting...

was done on monday, november 11, 2002.
it was painting #36, measures 30" by 40", done in acrylic with mixed media.
it now belongs to robert fripp, one of 8 paintings he bought.
I assured him it would look good in the back of any closet in his home.


  1. that may be my favorite painting of Adrian's I've yet seen. I'm also very fond of zebra on the flip side of the "Side 2" (i think). There should be a "gallerybelew" link on this website!

  2. I'm a big fan of The Construkction of Light. I think it gets showed off in the Bears DVD.

    Would've made a great cover for the album.

  3. I loved the paiting, it's amazing. i didn't found any other way to "talk" to you.. i want to say to you that i loved your video in this website and i wanted to ask you if there are any chances of king crimson tour europe and come to portugal.

    congrats for your amazing career

  4. Wonderful painting! I Like IT! Painting inspired music? Or Music inspired painting?

  5. ze said, "i wanted to ask you if there are any chances of king crimson tour europe and come to portugal"

    There's only a few hundred thousand people wondering similar things. Ade has not really commented on this (nudge-nudge), but over at DGM, Fripp has addressed it recently, in his diary, in response to forum questions about it. In short, he says he's done touring as a front line major act/production, and there is currently no music in existance that needs KC needs to play it. Kind of a vague but non-hopeful response that puts it in doubt, but leaves the door cracked open just a wee little bit. Ade, what say you?

  6. king crimson has never been a band to rest of its laurels or play its "greatest hits that never were". we are most interested in NEW. robert and I converse on a regular basis and he has made it clear he is not going to tour right now. king crimson is not king crimson without robert,
    I must respect robert's wishes and wait like the rest of you. okay with me, just as long as it happens SOMEDAY within the next 28 years before I die.

    thank you all for your comments about the paintings. they are pure joy for me to do. appreciation in any form is icing on the cake.