Saturday, March 6, 2010

a private seminar

monday tuesday wednesday:

tom king and matt picone
are no doubt the two foremost experts in the workings
of the Axe-FX Ultra (along with its' inventor cliff chase)
and for 3 days I had tom and matt staying in the fripp suite
and giving me and daniel rowland private lessons
on every aspect of the ultra-beast. wow!

one of the perks of being one of the world's guitarists,
to have the attention of the manufacturers of such a
marvelous device. the ultra has not only completely replaced
my beloved johnson 150 millenium amp, but has jettisoned
me into the future of a fresh new round of music
and made international touring even more feasible.

tom heads Fractal Audio the company responsible
for the Axe-FX Ultra and the Atomic Reactor FR
"the world’s first and only tube-powered full-range
guitar amp and personal monitor."
tom brought a pair of FR's for me to try
and of course they were perfectly matched to the Ultra.

matt is a brilliant sound designer and a real smartie.
watching him navigate so expertly through the hundreds
of possibilities the Ultra offers was truly inspiring
and very helpful for professor daniel as well.

imagine 4 nerds, each with his own laptop,
hovering over a guitar box for hours on end
giggling like japanese schoolgirls
and you were pretty much there.


  1. Thanks for sending my soda pop through my nose with your description, which apparently means that I was pretty much there. Thanks for the invitation.

  2. Off topic, you played a starring role in a dream last night. It didn't have anything to do with guitar wizardry, but it did have to do with science. Are you still playing with twitter? Wishing you success on all your new projects.

  3. Honestly I can say, after this here post and after doing six days worth of research on the Axe-fx Ultra, I must say I have been obsessing about this here thing and am envious of your purchase. I flat out WANT ONE. Wow. That's all I can accurately say about this rig.

  4. The beautiful irony of this story is that Adrian's "Electronic Guitar" video was one of the very first things that got me inspired to "try new things or break old habits or something like that," as the cassette said it would. I was 14 and it was available in the local county library. Bringing this tale full circle was pretty awesome, but meeting and working with Adrian was even better than anything I imagined or experienced as that kid. Thanks Adrian for generosity and fun and the chance to do good work.

  5. I am so very happy you are coming to Cleveland! See you at the Winchester on the 28th! Woo Hoo!

  6. aargh, the winchester show is in april, not march,