Tuesday, March 30, 2010

big ears a big success

back from the big ears festival.
first, thanks to ashley capps
and todd steed for having me there
and making me feel at home,
and thanks to daniel rowland
for making everything work smoothly.

I was so surprised by the reaction
from my audience.
most of the events seemed rather low-keyed
as one might expect from an arts event.
not mine.
my audience were loud and proud,
just the way I wanted them to be.
a fabulous turnout.

the new piece variations of wave pressure
lasted more than 10 minutes and seemed perfectly suited
to the spirit of the event. and I wore the band master hat!
sunday I improvised with like-minded loopers
at the ampient cafe which was lots of casual fun.
the Axe FX gurgled and droned appropriately.

all in all, a big success. I enjoyed big ears
and would be delighted to join in again next year.


  1. Adrian, you are the band master!!!

  2. Hey Adrian-
    Had a great time hanging out all weekend, especially the music-making part… For a couple of fanboys like myself and Jim, *that* was the highlight of the whole event. You have an open chair anytime you want to sit in.

    Give a shout next time you're in town - we'll meet up for some chicken & waffles!

  3. Wow, wish my car would have made the trip!

    I see Sufjan Stevens was there. Any chance you guys got together and made plans for working on the greatest album ever? :)

  4. Adrian, please come back next year to the 2011 Big Ears Featival! We so enjoyed 2010! We met some other great fans of yours there. You have some great fans! We'll see you in Ohio, can't wait to see your artwork! Hopefully,able to aford a piece,....a Heavier...peice...

    Yours Truly,Tracy & Darek from K-town.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your Paintings in Cleveland!

  6. you rock that hat very well !

  7. The hat and the music- and all the great Adrian vibe were astounding.

  8. I can't wait to hear Variations of Wave Pressure live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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