Thursday, March 25, 2010

big I d-ears...

today I'm driving to knoxville to join in the Big Ears Festival.
on saturday I'll play my first one man show in what- six years?
I only perform at Big Ears for half an hour, so what to do?

for this show I will mostly improvise with loops over
some of the new musical ideas I've recently developed.
I have one 10 minute-plus new piece to play,
the one called variations of wave pressure.

but I have big I d-ears for future one man shows.
billed as painting with guitar the future shows will feature
a half-dozen or more of my paintings on display at each show.
I'll play songs connected to some of the paintings,
make loops to improvise over, take questions
from the audience and talk about...whatever.
I hope to include visual projections and have many
thoughts on what those visuals might be, but that's
an undertaking I've yet to take on. I'll need help
from some brilliant young computer dupe...I mean, genius.

so, the foreseeable two-prong future is a balance between
painting with guitar and power trio shows
(unless, of course robert makes the call for more mighty krim).
right now I'm still concentrating on downsizing my live gear
as well as the entire StudioBelew control room set up into
a state-of-the-art system to work with for years to come,
and writing/recording the next round of new material.

the adrian belew power trio will be back in action
all across europe this fall including dates in the U.K.!

meanwhile, see you at Big Ears on saturday.
I'll be easy to recognize, I'll be the man wearing a hat.
KONKED my head again for the second time in 3 years,
this time not on a dayton, ohio monitor cabinet
but on my vintage 1959 Ford Thunderbird. ouch!
I have a sizable KONK gash in a highly visible position
on my vast forehead, so it's time to don the bandmaster hat!


  1. Uuuuuuh! Uuuh!
    This fall in europe? In germany, too? I´m so excited!

  2. Adrian, you gotta take better care of your head, man. That's the place that houses your main motor. Maybe wear a helmet everywhere you go in the future?

  3. Adrian, would you do a college tour of your music/art show? You'd make a killing.

  4. Is it true that Adrian is coming to Columbus? Don't see it here or on other typical sites but it's listed on the Basement's local venue site.

  5. The UK?


    That was the sound of Darren hitting the floor in a cold faint..

  6. Oh no...I think you needed a good excuse to wear the hat, a planned accident possibly ?? :)
    LOVE the idea for the " Painting with Guitar " tour,a total creative immersion.... pleeeeeeeeeeeze bring it to Florida...xoxo

  7. brilliant news about the uk, a real treat!

  8. How about a spin through New Haven? Toad's Place loves ya and it's been a long time.