Tuesday, March 23, 2010

collection #2: postcards

another thing I have collected throughout my professional life:
postcards. I have hundreds of them. postcards from all the places
I've been around the world, postcards I thought were odd
or funny, and even collections of types of postcards I fancied.
for example, in france I found the gaudiest run of "recipe cards"
with pictures of god-awful looking food on the front
and strange corresponding recipes on the back.
each time I went to france I searched for and bought
every one I could find. no telling how many I have now.

on some of the postcards I wrote notes to myself.
the two cards pictured here have personal historic interest.
the first card is from cologne, germany in 1978,
my first visit there while on tour with frank.
the second picture shows the note on the back which reads:

"unbeknowst (sic) to me, brian eno was in the audience
here. which led to him calling bowie specifically to come
here (sic) my guitar work. what a compliment."

the second postcard is from berlin, germany the very next night.
the bottom picture shows what is written on the back:

"february 15, 1978
tonight I met david bowie and iggy pop. they were off-stage
at our show. david asked me to join his band afterwards
at dinner. (actually he hinted at it during the show."
(on the right half of the card is a note about the history
of the area and the picture itself, something I often include.)

little did I know how much the events mentioned here
would change my life forever.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing these! I thought I logged onto Post Secret for a moment, though.

  2. You really are an amazing person. Thanks for sharing your talent, your thoughts, your art.

  3. this is crazy. like reading a 32 year old blog entry.
    your career is as fascinating historically as it is musically.

  4. So, an idea comes to my mind... I recently bought this book "Postcards From The Boys", it's about Ringo Starr's postcards he received from the other three Beatles,lots of funny postcards.... as you said previously, IF and WHEN you'll write your book of memories, you should include some of your postcards, too. Just an idea, have a nice Springtime, Adrian !

  5. a book !

    that would be a super treat .