Monday, February 18, 2008

Young Lions (acoustic version)

young lions (acoustic version)
volume 1 number 18

this was issued as a bonus track for the japanese release of
the acoustic adrian belew.

guitar and vocal: adrian
engineer: noah evens
recorded at StudioBelew in Mt. Juliet, Tn.
on Feb. 22, 1995
length: 2:47



    Been getting excited for March 14 and it's only getting worse. My lastFM stats have you way out in front. I'm getting giddy!!!


  2. Soooo, what's the deal with the micro-pics?
    Check the images on moi's blog but you'd best avoid moi's parody songs.

    Stay on groovin' safari,

  3. hi adrian:

    great show last night in sfo!

    thank you!

    btw: car week begins 8/11, culminating with concours d'eligance on 8/17; most of the carshows and tours (run of the bulls [lamborghini], concorso de italiano, blackhawk begin 8/15.

    hope you can make it!


  4. Posted 3/7/2008 6:17 PM (#843)
    Subject: Bush Retirement-Hippie-Funky-Punky-Reggae-Dance Party #1, Mojo Ballroom, Monday 9-12


    Posts: 127

    Time to put on your red shoes and put that wig-hat on your head. The "Decider" will soon be placed on perpetual "gone fishin" waivers, while the evil-witcheney-of-the-west repairs to his underground bunker to eat popcorn and watch his favorite waterboardin' videos. Oh happy day! The Mojo Ballroom Staff (led by Lady Igor, Famous Jonny Mambo, and the Man with no Lips) will be playing 3 big hours of Mojo Ballroom Boogie Magic. Celebrate our national return from the Twiglight Zone Outhouse to a place that has a semblence of sanity. Mojo Ballroom friends and adjunct faculty memmbers are free to drop by the station to play tunes, get down, and ponder universal themes. Here's the stream for our out-of-town guests.

    The Portable Mojo Ballroom, tune in this Monday from 9-12 on WCOM, we are filling in for Mr. Taproot Radio
    Calvin Powers (The Undisputed Twang/Roots King)

    Here is a sample Mojo Ballroom playlist for the curious: