Monday, February 4, 2008


volume 3 number 3

this track was part of my discovery of the Roland GR-700 guitar synth and its remarkable ability to sound like so many things, in this case, an electric piano.
at the time King Crimson had just ended its first 3-year outing.
my concentration was on an orchestral instrumental record desire caught by the tail.
soon The Bears would form a cool pop band .
lennon fell in between the cracks, not fitting into any of these ventures.

note: this week we are offering a FREE dust download of hot zoo (remix) volume 3 number 15.

guitar synth: adrian
recorded at home in Urbana, Il.
sometime in 1985
length: 2:03

1 comment:

  1. I understand why you call that Lennon! The tonality is very evocative. I also really love the way you blended the synth in just enough to keep from conflicting from the earlier 'lennonesque' sound.

    I'm left wondering if the full track breaks into other arrangements, or stays inside that general tonality/dynamic... I guess buying the song and supporting one of my favorite musicians!

    Thanks Adrian!