Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot Zoo (remix)

hot zoo (remix)
volume 3 number 15

pay here, chimpanzee
don't park under the aviary
walk through heat wave afternoon fast food hot zoo

and do the shuffle to the buffalo
see the mad monkey by the lonely pay phone
let's go fishin' in the air-conditioned dark
man, look at the bite on that great big bark

waste here, souvenir land
don't feed nobody your hand
restroom photograph pachyderm cat house hot zoo

three sleepy zebra wearing living room suits
joke with a crazy cockatoo
big giraffe in their injured party hats say,
"are you gonna watch our customary nap?"

eat here, a dinosaur egg
don't touch the tarantula leg
march like army ants lookin' for a PX hot zoo

I dig iguana in their outer space duds
saying "aren't you glad we only eat bugs?"
closing time, quick, close those gates
capture a few of these human apes

exit here, kangaroo
don't forget to come back soon.

guitar, piano, bass, drums, fx, vocals: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dan harjung
recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis.
length: 4:43


  1. No wonder I never could sing along with this one!
    I don't recognize those lyrics at all :)
    Thanks, Adrian.

  2. I'm a huge fan!I love that song. I just wanted to share a poem that I had written that was inspired by this song. *Noahs Ark To The Stars*
    Animals of every kind
    Shape color and size
    Are welcome to come
    And wait in line
    Soon you'll be safe inside
    Then we'll take a ride
    To the stars aboard Noah's Ark
    Leaving behind the life
    They've lived for so long
    Leaving in time
    Before the world
    They love is gone
    It's a cosmic zoo of sorts
    Free of hunters and tourists
    No guns to shoot you down
    Broken souveniers
    trash on the ground
    There are no boundaries
    You're free to safely roam
    in your interplanetary home
    Animals of every kind
    Will want to wait in line
    For a ride aboard
    Noah's Ark to the stars
    It's time to go
    Don't forget to wave Goodbye

  3. Around college age, I'd been a huge 80's Crimson fan for years, but only superficially familiar with the solo records. To my still-developing ear, they sounded cool-but-not-compulsive when friends played them for me. (I.e., reflecting on my ear at the time, not the records.)

    Hot Zoo was the song that broke through the "clutter" when a friend played Mr. Music Head for me. And when I wanted to "sell" the album to my new girlfriend a few months later, it was the song that won her heart also. There's just no denying that ferocious quality of sound.

    Eventually we would cycle around to other favorites from that amazing record (Motor Bungalow, then 1969, then House of Cards, then Bumpity Bump, and in recent years I'm really transfixed with both versions of Bird in a Box), but Hot Zoo will always be the one that turned my head around 180 degrees and first FORCED me to be amazed.

    So I'll look forward to loving this remix, but I'm confused by the previous blog entry! It wasn't already on the Coming Attractions CD that *I*ve got?!?

  4. So THAT's what you are saying

  5. Another look inside your mind, 'hot zoo' was one of my faves of your solo songs...

    What a blast for me, to find this blog of yours. An avid guitar synth/sitar player, I never knew you were so 'close'/'approachable' and I'm kinda shocked to see you're not overwhelmed with comments! :)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts - you are one of the musicians that most inspired me (and it's obvious you still do).

    Thanks for all those musical moments over all those years and the moments to come!

    some of my scratches

  6. It would be interesting to know what various Belew-fans THOUGHT the lyrics were.

  7. Big thanks for the freebie! I once performed with an improvised comedy troupe at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago; we were the Human Exhibit. The monkey house there is really depressing ontheotherhand.

    Can't wait for the Dust cd!

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