Sunday, February 10, 2008

None Of The Above (demo 2)

none of the above (demo 2)
volume 3 number 6

in four years the bears completed seven blistering tours of the U.S. none of the above was written by the whole band on the last day of rehearsal before embarking on our first tour. this take from our second set of demos features a wildly different guitar solo.

bass: bob nyswonger
drums: chris arduser

guitar and vocals: rob fetters

guitar and vocals: adrian

engineer: gary platt

recorded at QCA in Cincinnati, OH

december 27, 1985

length: 2:48


  1. Only the best rock combo in the world. I've been lazy about downloading but, I am about to start in a big fashion and this song is a big impetus to do that.
    I alway seem to fit the "none of the above" options when asked to fill out forms.

  2. Wow, just bought this and it sounds incredible. Natural-sounding production, relaxed but energetic performances, yet another grin-inducing Belew stunt solo... I think this rivals the released version. In fact, Adrian, you should really consider releasing the entire set of Bears demos as a standalone CD, especially since the PMRC albums are so long out of print. Anybody with me on this one?

  3. I'm with ya scooob!

    Release the unreleased!

    Free the Bears!

    OK...I'll pipe down.

  4. A quick question.

    Was there a video shot of the last Power Trio tour? Will there be a live dvd released?

    Thanks! That's all.