Monday, January 14, 2008


need to be answered. as this year has quickly unfolded I have neglected my duties as you blogist to answer your concerns. so let me do so now.
asks about a volume two of the experimental guitar series. well, just as soon as they finish my clone, it shall be done. perhaps I should have mentioned the series continues every 15 years.
scooby asks about the new guitar rig. I have no pictures yet, in fact, it's still not finished. but you will see it (and hear it!) on tour. and about why I use Parker guitars? see the blog "odyssey (parts one and two) from March 1, 2007.
bob asks if I'm using the new POD X3. no, not yet, but saul is. maybe I'll try his. I love Line 6 products. what a forward-thinking company.
hynek asks about which of trent's pedals I tried out. the ones I remember most were called Fuz Fabrik and Bit Mangler. I love to try crazy pedals so if anyone has a recommendation, please: bring it on! 
pete asks why the southgate show was not chose for side four as planned. simple, the canal street show was better. 

hope that covers it. questions are always welcome .


  1. I've marked the calendar in my mind (what I like to think of as a score with film on it). Thanks for the answer!

  2. Hello Adrian!
    Firstly I would like to say your music has always been a huge influence on me as a young musician in High School and onward.

    Butt kissing aside. I had a question about your view on electronic/dance music. I myself grew up being a rocker and I have to say up until about half a year ago I thought it was all crap! But recently I was introduced artists such as Justice, Daft Punk, Sasha, Aphex twin etc. and ive discovered it to be one of the most experimental scenes happening right now. Whats your take?

  3. have you ever tried any ZVEX pedals ?

    they look reeeally interesting !

    i beleive AGATA from Melt Banana (they ROCK) uses an ooh wah in this vid . they are a really fun group from japan , very tallented , but an aquired taste .

  4. Adrian-

    Try Metasonix. I'm sure you saw the whole wall of Yellow Metasonix modules at Trents'.

    The TM-5 and the 'Scrotum Smasher' put after any fuzz pedal make it x100

  5. Adrian,

    On a different note:

    From one Beatle Fan to another, you (and everybody else) should get a copy of the book "Drugs, Divorce, and a Slipping Image" by Doug Sulpy. It's a facinating account of the Get Back (Let It Be) rehersals and recordings and why the Beatles would eventually break up. It's a must read for every Beatles fan and scholar.

    You can get the book at Amazon, Ebay, or directly from Doug


    I just read about that one coming out at NAMM, and the sound bytes were pretty cool. And it's all MIDI based.

  7. Canal Street must have been transcendent, because the Southgate House show was awsome.

  8. Adrian - I was in Lake Geneva last weekend (got to view the tornado damage on my way up - wow crazy for Wisconsin in January) and I got to thinking about Op Zop. My question for all these years is: was this cd comprised of brainstorming ideas on the spot or rather demo approach for future work? In either case - I have learned so much from this record over the years. I kind of look to it as the cd that changed my writing approach from methodical to spontaneous. Now I push record every time I sit down to noodle and have become so much happier with my material. thanks so much - Tim

  9. thank you Mr. Belew...uh, could you send me a copy of the southgate show anyway? I promise Ill keep it all to myself ;-D

    see you soon.


  10. I got three Tony Levin CD's sent to me from the man himself. I think it will be fun to play some of that on my show (nonprofit-volunteer-lobor of love) which is on Monday from 11-12:00 a.m. (EST) on WCOM, Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina (aka "The Paris of the Piedomont) which is at 103.5 on your FM Dial. We are the only low power (a massive 100 watts) that streams, pretty cool deal, check out the station, My Show is Called Mojo Ballroom. I am also tempted to play Beat Box Guitar from Side 4 by the almighty Adrian Belew Power Trio doing it live, and maybe even Sozzle by Trey Gunn. A band from Portland, Oregon sent me some of their songs, one of them sounded kind of psychodelic-like, why don't you listen and see what you think?

    Thank-you and good evening,

    Famous Jonathan Mambo


    PS. Dog None I trust you will be listening? woof

  11. Wow, thanks for the reply Adrian.

    I forgot to mention that i live in Perth Australia, and if my wikipedia knowledge serves me well you were here in 2006. i think 2 years is a good break, you should definitely look at coming over again =D

    i read the blog on your guitar, and i didnt realize after finding the blog that you have written so many entries!

    Im still not sure on what guitar i want to use as my main. im currently using a 1988 CIJ HSS Strat and im loving the single coil cleans on the neck. does your Parker have a 5way pickup selection?

    I had my heart set on a PRS Cu24 but now im not sure if i will get the amazing cleans out of it like i would on a nice USA strat. what are you thoughts on PRS ?

    I just bought a motherbucker to see what it would sound like from the strat because Matthew Bellamy gets some amazing sounds out of his.

    Thanks Again Adrian!
    (sorry for the long comment)

  12. Hi Ade,

    Thanks for the response to my question. I'm a long time fan from the Chicago area who first saw you back in 89 at the Park West with Audie. I've seen you at least a dozen times since and look forward to seeing you again this year.

    I saw my beloved Lovetones in your Reznor pic. Here's their website.