Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Madame Mecca Consults The Popcorn Ceiling...

I asked the Great One to predict some future events and this is what she revealed*:

"the terrorful power trio will perform more shows this year than last year, resulting in a sweaty euphoria hitherto unknown, a brand new "studio" masterwork, and "live" downloadable improvs shall multiply. the mighty krim will rehearse more often than perform but it will be worth each dead brain cell once the first note is struck. an "art record" will appear between two collaborators, one a pianist from texas. a collection of rarities called dist (sic) shall be made available on CD. and you (adrian) will once again be left out of the competition for the Fox channel's next American Idol!" 

all good, as far as I can see. thanks Madame Mecca. 

*predictions do not allow for a 5% margin of error. 


  1. Well, she missed the obvious! Adrian will do a cover of "My Humps" which will launch him into the top rung of American Idol competition.

    De nada. ;)

  2. Adrian!
    Madame Mecca also neglected to inform you that you WILL be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame late in 2008....!

    That is because I have lodged an Online Petition entitled "INDUCT ADRIAN BELEW INTO THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME IN 2009"...

    Now, I need all your fans to visit
    and sign this most important petition...
    And whilst they are there, they need to send a message (available on the site) to all their friends and family, asking them to do the same....
    Now, I believe that you shouldn't need any help, as there is NO OTHER ARTIST more deserving/more talented/done more for the music industry & musicians than YOU ADRIAN BELEW! But, the 'H O F' Foundation has a huge chip on it's shoulder when it comes to Prog Rock et al....so, we need to beat them around the ears a few times so that they can begin to really 'LISTEN' to your brilliant muisc! Then they will have no option but to realise their indiscretion, and induct you immediately!

    So, as Adrian has said - he 'has the best fans anywhere'.... Lets all get together and make an extra special effort here to unite in one strong voice - Lets ensure that Adrian's talent cannot be denied!

    Thanks to you all - and Adrian of course!


  3. It would be great if the trio could come back to Asheville in 08.

  4. Adrian, if you release Dust on CD this year, you'll never be Dist in my book! That's great news, if I'm decoding it correctly. And thanks for answering my question about Canal St. vs. Southgate House for Side Four.

    -scooob (not to be confused with Scooby)

  5. I wish I had a popcorn ceiling to consult; one which would tell me the intentions of the mighty Krim...will a tour follow these many rehearsals? will new material surface from these rehearsals? and where can I get in on seeing these performances?

    ...also, on the subject of a studio masterwork from the power trio shows; does this mean we will hear some new material during the trio shows?

    Anyway, whatever all this means, it is exciting. Thanks for the fun "update".

  6. I hope this means more Power Trio shows get added and we're able to make one. All of your shows last year that I caught were really special.


  7. Madame Mecca. The mysterious purple windows have always puzzled me. Not the fake plants, just the purple trim.

    So this believer wants to know about the fabulous Power Trio. I first saw their name on stickers for San Francisco, Portland and Seattle a few years ago. How did you settle on the name? It's a perfect fit for your amazingly powerful trio of course!

  8. Does Madame Mecca know what the cover of the "Dist" CD will look like? I hope it looks like this

  9. all wonderful stuff--i'll answer--miss tickledrop---READ SIR-REALISTIC'S CURRENT POST--LADY--you'll see answer to question--of the trio of power and delight---

  10. tickledrop:
    I never did settle on that name for the trio, it just seemed like you guys (the tribe) adopted it. and it seemed fitting and I like it! the term "power trio" has been around since the days of Hendrix and Cream and is a way of describing a musical approach. to me, it means 3 players who have the ability to "overplay" in tasteful and powerful ways and requires virtuosity from all 3 players.

    mr. craig:
    the krimson plan is to do "hub" touring in two cities: chicago and new york. hub touring means the audience comes to you. well, it's a theory. robert is planning 3 night in chicago at the Park West (a great venue) and probably 7 nights at a venue in New York City. that is the extent of our work this year and does not include any new material, writing, or recording other than "live". (we always record our live shows for archival downloads).
    we have penciled in one week's rehearsal here at StudioBelew at the end of March on the heels of the Trio tour, another week's rehearsal here in May, and the last one here in July followed by the hub touring.

  11. I love it! I knew it was something like that. I have another story about the name - referring to your trio - but I will tell you that one later.

    I first adopted the name after seeing you play in Nashville back in 2005. It was kick ass! It was your first solo tour in forever. You brought along a couple guys that really rocked -- I loved the way that Mike G played bass, everything with a jazzy-guitarish-like presentation. Very good. I saw a bunch of those shows! Just the fact that you were out jamming solo again was the best, my most favorite.

    Then you announced that you had put together another tour band. But How in the world can it get any better? Well let me assure you that all doubts I might have had were washed away when you introduced us to Mr. Eric Slick and his cute, barefooted sister Julie in Indianapolis. WOW! Oh, now I get it. You were just warming up with the first tour huh.

    These kids fit like ... well I don't have to tell you because you already know. Eric's drumming is unreal. The opening of Side Four is amazing. His thunderous intros for Young Lions and Of Bow and Drum blow my mind still.

    Naming stuff is difficult anyway. It's better when it just sort of falls into place. Then it's a perfect fit.

    Cheers to the ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO!

  12. Thanks, I will definitely be looking into the Chicago venues as more details surface.

  13. Adrian,

    Is there any idea on dates or a timeframe for the Crimson shows? I already told my boss I need a week off later this year to go to Chicago. :-)


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  15. So, no Nashvegas hub touring?

  16. So, will your new guitar rig gear itself toward creating new sonic textures, or will it be more about soloing?

    You seem to enjoy using solid state and/or modeling amps (although the Johnson has a tube pre-amp, if I recall correctly). Would you ever consider going for good old-fashioned Fender clean, Marshall/Mesa Boogie dirty? i would love to hear that Fly howl through a ton of tubes and a 412 cab or two.

    Just curious ...

  17. rheayes: didn't Robert say the Park West residency was planned for August? Maybe the rehearsals are at the tail end of July and the shows just after.

    Whatever.. the job is but a small nuisance compared with the importance of catching these shows. I'll be in NYC with bells on and hopefully Chicago too.



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  19. American Idol is like totally fixed man. I used to live in the same neighborhood as Clay Aiken before Clay hit the big time.
    Clay can't be all bad, he worked with special ed. kids

  20. ADRIAN:
    I'm very happy because I knew that the KRIMSONS will back this year!!!!!!
    Is this true?
    Two percusion set?
    P@, Gavin, Bob, Tony and you?

    It will be fantastic!!
    happy new year once again, and happy new day everyday.


  21. to answer cirdecsongs1--if you're lucky enough--might still be able to order--ZAPPANALE17--there are
    --if i remember--3-4 tracks--with
    "power trio"---recorded live--
    ade's amplification(johnson/line sixes)didn't make it to gig---along with most of the pedalboards-
    ade-played one loop pedal(i forget-if there were one or two others)--straight thru a marshall--it's
    exciting to listen to-cause ade kicks ass--i can remember-kenny(kengineer)and ade huddlin behind the stage trying to rethink the set list-the SHOW MUST GO ON---and it was great!!--the parkers sounded wonderful//growled/knarled
    thru the set--gary-----(and what would you expect from a guitar god)

  22. Thanks, Gary. I'll look into it. It's always cool to hear the best of the best shine under less than perfect conditions.

  23. Adrian:
    Please, please, please post the dates you will be performing in both cities ahead of time; I love Krimson, and I go to school in Chicago and have a place in New York. I got into you guys about two years ago, and you quickly became my favorite band. It would be absolutely incredible to see you live, and I would do my best to be at as many shows as I can.

    Thanks so much for the information.

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  26. I always thought pod-touring (as you're calling it) made sense. Why play oversized venues and make the show so impersonal to so many people? Do several nights at one venue and keep every performance as intimate and special as it could be.

    I will definitely budget for Crims in Chi-town and Power Trio, if you can make that a little closer to St.Louis.

    Can never get enough Belewness.


  27. This was sent to Ed Hamell (Hamell On Trial) and he passed it along.
    I thought it was worth passing along as well:

    A musician who's spent his entire life trying to get a record deal is feeling extremely depressed. He's been turned down by every record company he's ever contacted. No one seems to recognize his unique genius. So, he decides to kill himself, and comes up with an ingenious plan to get back at all the record companies who've rejected him all of his life. He books time at a recording studio, and instructs the sound engineer to record everything he says, and every sound he hears, and then copy it all onto 500 CDs, and send one to every record company executive on the list that he hands the engineer.

    The guy walks into the vocal booth; the red light is on, and he begins...."This is a message for all you sycophantic, talentless, stupid record company assholes who've ignored me for all these years. I've dedicated my life to writing and performing beautiful, emotive, soul-touching music, and all you bastards do is discard my tapes, and sign these horrible, no-talent, ridiculous, stupid bands, and these filthy, dirty rappers! Well, you bunch of fuckin' morons; you dumb pricks, I've taken all I can of your puerile, shallow industry, and it's YOU who've driven me to this! Goodbye you fuckin' murderers of art!" With that, he places a gun to his head and blows his brains out.

    The sound engineer looks up from the console, hits the talk-back button, and says, "Okay, that's fine. I've got a good level...let's go for one."

  28. Hi Adrian,
    Did Madame Mecca foresee any possible ventures to the great white north, namely Montreal, with your fantastic Power Trio or otherwise? Your reception in Quebec City should be an indication of how much you are loved in this province. (Won Best In Fest at Festival D'Ete, for those who don't know) Please take a hint from Jon Anderson who just announce 10 dates across Quebec. Surely the waits at the border can't be that prohibitive.