Monday, January 14, 2008

I Walk Alone (original demo)

I walk alone (original demo)
volume 4 number 2

along with postcard from holland this is one of the "bus songs"
written in my head while laying in my bus bunk riding across europe
with david bowie's sound and vision tour in 1990.

obviously inspired by the man I consider america's most emotional vocalist
Roy Orbison, the song played in my mind as though it was already recorded.
I am particularly happy with the bass part and the rhythms,
neither of which are typical of this kind of song,
but, given my limited abilities, it was the piano which gave me fits for a while.

this was during a rather remarkable time in my life
(see the blog "birds" from March 19, 2007)
of new found love and isolation by a lake in Wisconsin.
what better time to tackle playing the piano?

piano, bass, drums, guitar, pizzicato strings, vocal: adrian
engineer: rich denhart

recorded at home in Delevan, Wis.
on April 4, 1991
length: 2:27


  1. Hi. Where's the link to the file? I can't find it here.

  2. 'cause it's in the storebelew download area...

  3. All of the downloads can be found on Adrian's website, Adrian Belew Dot Net