Monday, January 7, 2008

Introduction To Something

introduction to something
volume 4 number 7

I can't remember what exactly this was for.
I do remember these things:
a) it was written as an intro to something.
b) it was performed on the Roland GR-50
guitar synth, the old faithful Roland GR-700
guitar synth, and the Roland R-8 drum machine.
c) it was put away and forgotten.

synth and drum machine: adrian
recorded at home sometime in 1992
length: 2:09


  1. Happy New Year Adrian! I love that you are releasing such personal treasures. Thanks for that.

    I have so many tapes like that of my husbands playing. I just listen and forget about the details. It's better that way somehow. For the holiday, his best friend from his youth recorded onto disc a tape that he found of them - him, his brother and my husband - from back in 1977 playing in their old bedroom at the parents house. They had just discovered The Damned and covered several Beatles songs in what was there idea of punk fashion. It made me laugh and cry.

    ps... these are the same friends that after seeing you play in AZ last year, one turned to the Sir-Realistic Fellow and said, "I've been tryin' for twenty years, but after tonight, I cannot call myself a guitar player."

  2. Adrian - Love these bits. I am forever in debt to you for Op Zop. It changed the way I write and record music. I'll never forget my 1st listen was actually in Lake Geneva with my wife back in 1997. I am from the north burbs of Chicago. Thanks again - Tim LaRoi

  3. By the way - I thank Jeff Murphy (Shoes) for suggesting Op Zop to me.. Jeff had a studio in Zion IL where I had just finished my 2nd cd with the band Relayer - Thanks again - hope all is well! - TGL