Monday, August 6, 2007

sick as a blog...

in case you have wondered what's become of your tireless reporter.
since last wednesday night I've been virtually bed-ridden
with some strange viral miscreant which has kept me down.
following a visit to my doctor this morning I'm just now
beginning to feel sub-human again.
hopefully I'll return freshly inspired tomorrow.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Adrian!

  2. So glad to hear that you are finally on the mend Ade..... When we didn't hear from you personally today (download day), I knew that your dreaded lurgi was something more serious than a 24 hour bug! No ordinary virus could hope to keep our extraordinary muso down for long :-D

    Get well soon Atrium Blue! We dearly miss you.....

    Vancouver Island

  3. Was "Phlegm" already scheduled for release today?

    Maybe I should rephrase that.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better at least...hopefully you'll rise back to human status ASAP.

    Perhaps this will make you feel better. After venturing into the cool midwest evening earlier tonight, I declared that you wouldn't find me watching ANY sporting event outside with the current weather. My husband quickly countered with, "yeah, how 'bout the trio?", and I had to agree I would watch you guys until I passed into a very happy coma from hyperthermia... :-)

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery as well, Adrian.


  6. godspeed in your feeling like your self again.

  7. Best wishes for good health and speedy recovery... hope Martha's taking good care of you! :)

  8. Airplane air: yuck, yucko, tuey.
    Like a respiratory orgy.
    I often get sick after FLYing.
    Be well. Lemon juice w/water is good for the tubes.
    (When stomach-able)

  9. a nice cold crisp cameo apple always helps me when i'm fightin the bug. hope you feel beeter soon.

  10. Feel better, play some guitar, it is always a good distraction

  11. Hi Adrian,

    Hope you feel better soon. Here's something to cheer you up.

    You may not remember me, but I worked with you on the Crash Test Dummies album at MusicHead Recording in 1993. Dan Harjung introduced us and you were incredibly kind to me. In addition to being an assistant engineer on the project, I had the pleasure of retrieving your guitar rig from the hotel's loading dock.

    Anyways, here comes the cheering up part: I currently work in Vegas for Cirque du Soleil, so anytime you want to come see a show, I would love to treat you to that as a small thanks for the joy your music has given me.

    Thanks for the music you've brought into the world and thanks for being such a great guy to work with back in '93.

    Best regards,


    Michael D. Walker

  12. Golden Seal, the magic elixer! It boosts your immune system like nobody's business. I've cut out 3/4ths of my illnesses since I started using it. Liquid form is best, and you have to pile it in under your tongue and let in absorb. It tastes like hell, but, hey, that's strong medicine for you.

    What a beauteous song One Time is. I like it as much as anything in the Crimson canon. One time, every time.

  13. Adrian, I hope you feel better soon.


  14. You should write a song about feeling ill.

  15. I hope you feel better soon.

    Sickness sucks.

    If one must be virtually bed ridden it would be a lot nicer if we could do it via PC on our breaks like everything else.

  16. Hope you feel better soon Adrian!

    I saw you playing live here in Buenos are a legend here!
    Love your work!


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  18. Amigo Adrian:

    I'll send you all the force of the universe, your body will recover.
    Have you ever heared about Masaru Emoto?

    Write in a water bottle the words "healt" "love" or similar words. and drink of that water...
    hey I'm not crazy friend, check the masaru emoto's web site.

    I hope you'll be fine, my mission in this life is meeting the man who has write all this wonderful songs.

    With the power Quetzalcoatl, the sun will cure you, drink of the moon and the spirits will work to make a rain of stars tha will shine on you.

    Dan, you're right, Ade needs write a song about the "sickness" and how his body is fighting vs a disease.

  19. I just bought two tickets for Asheville, hopefully that will help! 8-}

    Oddly enough, Zappa plays Zappa is playing here tomorrow night.

    See you on the 19th in Asheville!


  20. What you need is some chicken soup and peach cobbler....Hope you Feel Better SOON.

    I have friends from back in NC coming to see the ABPT in Asheville and Chapel Hill. Then you'll be hitting the salt air of Florida so that should help! I think the peaches are ripe down there too this time of year!

    BTW: Just noticed Porcupine Tree is finally playing Music City October 9th! You should sit in on some of the Deadwing numbers!!

  21. Hi Adrian,

    I just bought my tickets to see you in Asheville on the 19th. I hope to be able to say hi.


  22. Hope you're feeling better now, Adrian. I saw the Power Trio for the first time one year ago, on my 40th birthday. I couldn't have had a better birthday. It was an amzing day! But, I digress. If you're looking for a good book to read during your recoup, I think you'll enjoy "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. An old man recalls his time with a traveling circus in the Depression era. Even on the page, the elephant was lovely, clever, and gigantic. The star of the story.

  23. Hello Adrian.

    How do you feel now?
    I hope better, we are worry for you : (

  24. Hi Adrian, please accept a hearty "get well soon" from all your friends and fans at Planet Crimson.

    ~ Scott