Tuesday, August 14, 2007

as if...

more evidence of my manliness were needed
I am writing this blog while eating this candy which
I brought back from japan
which clearly indicates it is candy
intended only for Men!

so there.


  1. My children (now grown) prefer the Strawberry flavor of Pocky. I am not sure if my son has moved up to the bitter chocolate flavor.

    Que es mas macho? Pocky? o Snickers? - S.

  2. I prefer the Hokey Pocky Men's. That's what its all about!

  3. Hi Adrian,
    my name's Adriano from Rome, Italy.

    I would only say you're my greatest inspiration source as a songwriter, singer and guitar player (I'm an acoustic one).

    Most of my musical dreams are you-related:

    1. I'd like to be with you on the stage singing one of your songs
    2. I'd like to be with you playing with my band on the stage one of our songs, called Cosa mettermi addosso
    3. I'd like to have you playing and singing one of our songs
    4. I'd like to be with you someday, somewhere, simply drinking and talking.

    I hope I've not bothered you and I apologize for my english.

    Is myspace.com/adrianbelew your real myspace page?


  4. Pocky! We have these in Bangkok. My Thai Girlfriend has never fully understood why I find the name so amusing. I've never seen the Men Only version though.