Sunday, August 12, 2007

the real neptune pool...

can be found at the Heart Castle in galleyfornia.
overlooking miles of prime ocean-front real estate
it is one of the most stunning sights you'll ever see.
the bears spent a day off in the 80's discovering
the incredible wonders of Heart Castle, which is
so vast as to require 4 different tours to see it all.
there is also an Olympic-sized indoor pool
covered in gold leaf!
the Hearst Castle is run by the state but I've been
informed it may now be up for sale.
the perfect gift for the man who has everything,

inspiration for a song.


  1. I can't wait for here this song!


  2. i was just sitting and searchin for Face to Face lyric in the internet.i didnt found it.but i find here.
    i was just sitting and thinking and reading ur blog.
    i dont know what to say.i dont know if i should say something ! and even i dont know if i want say something my poor english will let me !
    just thinking and whatchin ur blog and toughts and words passing by.
    they just never come out of my mind !

    after that suddelny i remember the memories of KC and adrian belew !
    i though maybe i can tell him how i lived and grow with KC and his voice(and other ones voice) ! but...

    and the last thing,i just fiqure out : Man ! it says u can "leave your comment" to adrian belew ! can u blieave this improvment of cammunication ? he will read it.
    he,in the,in the Presia(iran) !

    but again i return the the first place i was.again i was reading and thinking.
    the sentence stuck in my mind :
    Sick as blog !
    and words passing trough my mind : sick as cammunication !

    and...i just didnt say what i wanted to !
    i just was just thinking.

  3. Soulsick,

    That was without a doubt the best comment I've ever read here. No worries about your "poor english", the feeling came through quite clearly.

  4. Adrian, thanks for the Stravinsky quote.

    I have always had difficulty writing lyrics, more specifically, lyrics that don't suck. How do you approach lyric writing? (yeah, I know, broad question, but it's an open book quiz..)

    soulsick--may there be peace between our countries.

  5. This brings back childhood memories of looking at my parents' photo album from the late 1950s, when they were dating/newlyweds in San Francisco. A few of the rare color photos are of this pool at Hearst Castle,the blue and black pool matching my mom's skirt of black with frostyblue grapes all over it.

    I made a Barbie pillow out of a swatch of that skirt years later. I kept my Barbies, and I swear I have that Barbie pillow, too.

    That's about six degrees of separation between you and my Barbies.

    I wanna see Hearst Castle!

  6. The former-Hearst property up for sale is the Beverly House compound in LA. The asking price is a new US record, $165M. Such a deal! On that basis the Castle would probably go for a billion or so.,0,5352104.story?coll=la-home-center

    Adrian, glad you're feeling better!

  7. I lived near the Hearst castle for three years until I recently moved to Asheville, NC. Where there is an even more impressive house (I think)- the Biltmore. Check it out when you're in Asheville later this week.

    See ya on Sunday!


  8. Just listened for the first time. Nice mix of tones, I really like the acoustic instruments with your sounds.

    Next up by chance on my mp3 player is RF String Quartet, Hope. The 2 tracks sound good together. I'll have to whip up a playlist along those lines.

  9. Hi,
    The neptune pool is really very awesome.. Like the photo.. Thanks for posting this blog..