Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my portrait of david bowie?

I wasn't meaning to do a portrait of someone
but as often happens this painting slowly developed
like a polaroid before my eyes into something
resembling the thin white dude.
for the ghostly eyes I pasted paper on the canvas

then peeled most of it off.

acrylic 24 x 30
painted on october 24, 2012


  1. take your protein pill and put your monocle on ... is that a cookie crisp in his fedora ? i'll be seeing you in my nightmares , belews david bowie portrait , just please remember to bring some milk , i take it ice cold , thanks .

  2. with suspenders he could be in an oompah band!

  3. inspiration for a painting?? if you've ever flown over Lake Geneva/Lake Como WI, you might have noticed they look very much like a Blue Whale and a calf swimming together. (ref: 2 links below)
    Williams Bay would be mama's fin.



    You paint it - I'll buy it! I can hang it next to the very creepy signed lithograph I own that DB did called "portrait of JO" (iggy). scary monster indeed!

    1. Serendipity.... 3 days after my previous post, I'm in STL on business, and who do I see across the hotel lobby helping himself to breakfast, but non other than "Beatle Bob" himself. First met him at The Old Rockhouse when you last played there about a year ago. And, yes, his mane is still enviable beyond belief!