Wednesday, November 28, 2012

more excitements

tomorrow daniel and I will board a plane for L.A.
unexpectedly I've been invited into another
exciting new recording project.
I'm sure you will want to hear all about it,
but for now I'll have to wait until it's announced.

after L.A. daniel and I will fly to amsterdam
to see if 200 guitar players
can actually get in tune together.

meanwhile, here's another new painting.
acrylic, spray paint, masking tape. 30 by 40
november 7, 2012

remember: click once on the painting to enlarge it.


  1. Love your paintings. Great work.

    1. love your art work...really, love all your projects..and i can't thank you enough for the way your music exillerates me...but please mr. belew...pleeeeeeeaze...and god knows, i don't ask hear toni, trey, pat, you (and bill?)...and the Master....get together one more time....ohh, sweet angelic bliss ... please fire up the court...yes...i AM begging you..all love and blessings to you and yours...larry

  2. how long does one of these take ? say an average , i imagine some are "nightmares" compared to others (no offense david bowie guy) . once again , insanely " jealous " or rather in great admiration of how you choose to spend your time . makes my hobby look soo lame . its interesting to see how your approach to music shines thru as well , it really does , and i don't just mean the " tapies " either ... please keep at it , ( the more you make , the better the chances of one ending up on our wall maybe )and thanks so much for sharing your art .

  3. REALLY beautiful.....this one feels like a love song..:)) excited for you, safe and peaceful travels....namaste

  4. You should paint a Momur!
    I'm one of the 200 guitarists in Amsterdam, looking forward to it!

  5. Adrian, I loved yesterday! And I totally forgot to say hi from Roy from guitarshop De Plug! Thank you for a wonderful day and I hope you like our cd! (please note that it's not of the best quality, since it's recorded with a cellphone... Haha!)


  6. Oh and how did you do the bagpipe sound? Saw it in a video lesson but it's still one of world's biggest mysteries for me, haha!