Thursday, November 15, 2012

my final engagements of the year

will be december 5 thru december 11 in amsterdam, netherlands.
they're centered around the Electric Guitar Heaven Festival.

on dec. 7 I'll be part of the opening show
which is at Rabozaal Melkweg

on dec. 8 I'll be playing a solo set as part of a double bill
with andy summers and ben verdery at a nice venue I know
called Bimhuis,
last year I did a television appearance there.

on dec. 9 the main event is a piece of music for 200 guitarists!
that's right, 200 guitar players will be playing tom trapp's AID
the piece is 16 and a half minutes long.
I'm struggling to learn it now. (phew!)
tom will be conducting. I will be the guest soloist.
I can't imagine playing with 200 guitarists. mind-boggling.
the venue is The Max, Melkweg
same as the first show.

then on dec. 10th I'm honored to be doing a seminar
at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
1:00 sharp.

daniel and I are psyched to go back to amsterdam!


  1. Cool man , hoping we get a chance to witness this , the coverage was fantastic last time . links ? been busy here , the lil one is playing guitar now , put the family band back together . been building pedals and amps . i did a foxx tone machine with a rip off of your old mustang paint job , whew , the art was way harder than the soldering ! hah . modding it out for less treble now . ave fun , and safe travels sir .

  2. i'd give my left thingy to see ya in Amsterdam

  3. These sound amazing....hoping we get to hear some of it , enjoy !!!