Thursday, January 7, 2010

about The NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA.

for those of you who may be attending
I'll be signing AB Signature Parkers
and blank checks alongside Vernon Reid
at the Parker booth sometime thursday the 14th.

I'm hoping eric and julie will be at NAMM as well.
it's like being a kid in a toy store seeing all
the new gear and like a class reunion seeing
old friends like Skunk Baxter, Paul Reed Smith,
Bob Bourbonis and Bob Taylor, Seymour Duncan,
John Vitale, The Ventures, and on and on.
The Hilton lobby bar. the place to be.


  1. Hey Adrian, you might like to know that Terry Bozzio will be there with Tony Levin & Pat Masteoletto. They're doing a gig with David Torn. When are you and Terry gonna do something together? I recall something was in the works together with Pat O'Hearn?

  2. Are you going to go to the Moog booth and try the Moog guitar? I'd be curious to know what you thought of the thing. You being an expert and all that.

  3. Bozzio/Torn/Levin/Mastelotto?? Holy crap! Can't see any mention of it on or the NAMM site though, are you sure about that?

  4. Yes, Anon it's true. See and click on tour dates.

    I just saw HoBoLeMa in Portland and they were great. Oh man, with Ade on guitar...!!! Insane. Allan Holdsworth will not be on the NAMM gig so there might be a desire for a geetar man?

    To see my HoBoLeMa pictures go here:

  5. Wish I could be there, my sis and her husband, Kate and Del Bruchett will be there representing and performing at John Jordan Electric Violins. Hope they have a chance to say hi. It should be an awesome a event.

  6. hey adrian
    do you have plans for a new album this year?
    "e"was great but i have to say i'm very excited for new tunes
    m naz brazil

  7. Adrian,

    What are the chances of you attending the SUMMER NAMM show this year, in good 'ol Nashville?! The music store I work/teach through attends that show annually, but being a Michigan-based store, getting out to CA annually is just impossible. It would be amazing to see you in June!

    Best wishes and thanks for all the music!

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  13. Wish we could have been there- all that gear! Maybe next year?