Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Decade!!!

"if my thoughts and dreams could be seen
they'd probably put my head in a guillotine."
bob dylan

thanks bob.
I have many thoughts and dreams for the next decade.
I'm hoping you'll come along for the journey.

having met so many people, having done so many things,
having traveled so far and wide and for so long,
I've often said I feel like I've already crammed
several lifetimes into just this one.
so it should come as no surprise that I genuinely
feel like I'm 30 at age 60.
I'm on my second life!

my father, who died at age 45, was a strong responsible
man who seems so much more adult than I will ever be.
I can't think of myself as much more than a big kid.

I certainly am a late bloomer.
by the time I was "discovered" and precariously
thrust into the world of music I was 27 years old
and worried I might have missed my chance.
by the time I made my first solo record
robert fripp had been making records for 13 years.
king crimson had already made 7 albums worth of music.
frank zappa had been making records
and touring the globe for 17 years!

when I had just begun.

the point is this: I still have plenty of fuel in my tank.
physically and creatively.
I look forward to at least another decade
of performing and producing my art.

a quick self-assessment coming into the new year:
I am likely the most fortunate person I know.
I have a beautiful wife, home, and family.
good friends. a legacy.
I am in good health and I earn a respectable living.
in truth I already have everything I've ever wanted.

all that's needed now is to continue forward.

"a man is about as happy as he makes his mind up to be."
abraham lincoln


  1. I'm happy to say that I've been on the journey with you since the KC NYC Pier show in 81,I think? Its been a blast to see you in KC and your solo (and power trio) shows. A Happy, healthy new year to you and yours...lets continue!
    Jim Delaney

  2. Your a good man Mr. Belew all the best to you in this new year.Long live Adrian!!!

  3. great post, captain!

    the good ship belew has plenty of wind its sails. and we'll be there every time you come to port.

  4. Loved this one Adrian, it really is all about gratitude ... I am along for the ride until you run out of gas :) Peace , Love and Happy New Year.

  5. Happy 2010 dear Adrian and thank you *so* much for your music!

  6. Beautifully put! Thank you so much for those moments when you've put me at one with the universe. Your influence extends beyond music in the traditional sense; you have taught me about respect and humility. Happy slide into the tens!

  7. Strangely enough your blog greatly calms.Love your stories,songs and pictures.Never stop doing them,please.
    And egoistical as before; we are almost of the same age...Adrian!I wish and you and me even more happiest decades!!!

  8. This decade has one more year left. I wish you the best in 2010 as we wind up the first decade of this 21st century. Just 365 more days to go.

  9. all the best , happy you near , the lindgrens .

  10. Happy new decade to you too!

  11. Yeah. Another year! Hope to see you soon! Love you Adrian. *hug*

  12. Hear hear! Here's to 20 more, Ade! :D


  13. I'm happy that you're happy to be happy with what you have to be happy with.

    Happy New year! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for 2010.

  14. Have to say, Adrian:

    I was surprised when I recently read that you were 60. You look and act at least a decade younger.

    Glad you're enjoying your career as much we're enjoying watching you.

  15. I'll walk along with you and your music in this wonderful path. Happy 2010 !

  16. Well said Ade. Rock On ... Thanks for the music and your inovations on guitar ... still as a breath of fresh air ... we are awaiting your return in Chicago.

  17. to anonymous #4:
    not trying to be a smartie but here's how the decades work:

    when 1999 turned into the year 2000,
    the year 2000 became the first year of the new decade.
    therefore, 2001 became the second year, 2002,the third year and so forth...
    so when we arrived at 2009 it was not the 9th
    year of the decade, it was the 10th and final
    year, making 2010 the first year of this decade. so...happy new decade.

    the same thing works somewhat in reverse
    when speaking of centuries i.e. the 20th century actually refers to the years from 1900
    to 1999.

    now, for your home work assignment describe Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity in 15 words or less.

  18. Sorry, but 2010 is the 10th year in the first decade od XXI century. ;)
    And as we all know, the XXI century started in 2001, not in 2000. ;-)) always count to hundred. ;))

    All the best for the New Year and thanks a lot for all this beautiful music and projects!

  19. Random House defines a decade as: “A period of ten years beginning with a year whose last digit is zero: i.e. the decade of the 1980s."

    and so the debate goes on.

    doesn't matter. you're welcome for the music and stuff.

  20. Here's something we can all agree on... today's date is a palindrome.. 0102/20/10 :) peace , and to all a good night xo

  21. Adrian, I hope you have a wonderful new year. I'm looking forward to more concerts and new music.


  22. Adrian, that was perfect. Just the inspiration I needed.

  23. "Now, for your home-work assignment describe Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity in 15 words or less":

    Reality is in the eye of the beholder.....

    Keep on rockin' Mr. Belew!

  24. So good to meet the elephant in here.
    So good to "hear" about you from you, Mr. Belew.
    I remember once you've been here in Brasil, touring with David Bowie and I went to see the concert because of this fantastic guitar player with such a good smile.
    Last week, I sent a New Year's e-mail to an old friend, and all I did write in it was: Thela Hun Ginjeet. And it was all and perfectly said.
    He answered me with this blog's adress.
    All the best, my distant and unknown friend.

  25. I've seen you play many times with many line-ups and the Toronto Show in the autumn with the power trio was AMAZING!

    But the best part was how much fun you were having playing. Being that happy doing what you love best is a thing to aspire to more than fame or fortune.

    All the best for the new year and new decade, and thanks for all the music you've given us humble fans.

  26. I hope Dust gets a physical release this decade...

    Thanks, Adrian!


  27. Adrian, you are the best!!!

    Cheers from Chile!!!