Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the cotton taco.

my 10 year old daughter leah has a unique sense of...
well, everything.
everything from fashion statements (see above picture)
to her naturally quirky sense of humor:
leah comes into the room pretending to be a dog.
I say, “I’m thirsty, I’m going to get some water.”
she says, “fix me a bowl of it too.”

but the thing I marvel most at is her concept of food.
she always sits in the kitchen in front of the smallest
TV in our house watching cartoons while dining.
once I found her there eating her idea of breakfast:
left-over turkey breast with cracker jacks and gatorade.
a favorite lunch is those little chocolate pretzels
dipped in ranch dressing or blueberry yogurt.

so it came as no surprise to find her latest concoction
which she calls "the cotton taco".

it's a taco shell filled with cotton candy.


  1. What a wonderful young lady.

  2. Belew's kid is a little bit weird?

    Yeah, didn't see that coming. :^)

  3. its really very nice to read this posting thanks for sharing this with us...

  4. Yes, thanks for sharing ! Beautiful Leah, beautiful little girl.

  5. "oh daddy, daddy...
    I know you've got a suit and a pink guitar, but I think we're out of cotton candy,
    the drive to the circus is not that far"

  6. If we are fortunate, Leah and her like-minded contemporaries will one day rule the world, and politicians will exist only in the domain of archaeologists and historians.

  7. i remember years ago noticing the fridge door open ever so slightly . i opened it and shrimp was in there , chugging Parmesan cheese straight up .


  8. My two year old is fascinated with the cover of Deja Vroom. He's always asking for the dvd with the horsey(Zebra),apple, and clock. He's confused when we pop it in - but music appreciation will come later.

  9. wao such a nice picture thanks for sharing with us.