Friday, January 2, 2009

the three truths

before diving into the future
I'm been forced to confront the past.
I feel as though a knife is stuck in my back
and I have to remove it.

a blogger has accused me of being "unethical".
some people are trying to paint me
for the "break up" of King Crimson.
in either case, nothing could be farther from the truth.

in the first place:
I am honorable and ethical.
anyone who has ever worked with me knows that.
what happened concerning a few dates krimson
were supposed to play on the west coast in May
was nothing more or less than a small misunderstanding.

concerning our schedule for 2009,
I remember robert saying he would call in a month or two.
I don't remember anyone saying
"don't book anything in May".
I did not know we were supposed to hold May open.
in fact, our schedule in May was open and it still is open.

secondly, who says king crimson is over?
I believe krimson lives on whether we play
5 more shows on the west coast
or 155 more shows around the world
or we never play again.

I will not allow anyone to shit on
27 years of creative effort and difficult labor
by trying to be divisive at this late date.
I'm proud of our collaborative work
and you cannot take that from me.

and finally:
it is not true, it is not fair, and it will not stand.

only robert fripp can "break up" king crimson
and if he chooses to do so, that's his business.

the internet reminds me of venice, italy.
something new at every turn.
full of surprising twists.
informative, thought-provoking.
and mostly a lot of fun.

but it also has an insidious side.
a realm of half-truths, innuendo, and dark thoughts.
where inaccuracy and passive aggressiveness hold court.
where faceless people can make up anything they want
and there is little their victims can do about it.

even if you jump into this ugly stew and try to fight back,
somehow the whole truth still never quite emerges.
I think it's because of the limited scope of a blog.
to paint a real picture, to tell a complete, vivid,
and true story still may rely on the depth of a book.

it has been said there are three truths:
there is your truth,
there is my truth,
and then there is the truth.

rather than address fabrications,
and mindless partiality on my blog,
I have decided at last to write a book:
My Memoirs of King Crimson (so far)

I'm excited about expressing my truth.
and I have a lot to say.


  1. Bravo sir. On the book and on confronting the person who is talking out of his arse.
    Bill Rudloff

  2. Don't take any shit from these bastards, Adrian. If the time is right the beast will be back. In the meantime get the dang power trio back to LA soon! And in the words of Brendan Behan, "Fuck the begrudgers." I'd watch you play jingles from old toothpaste commercials if that's what you felt like doing. We love ya man, hope to see you soon!

  3. Thank you Adrian.

  4. Myself, an old wound was reopened hearing of this debacle. No sane soul would hold you responsible for this turn of events or the dark cold 11 years between 84 and 96.
    I do however find certain parties reprehensible in their behavior and attitude towards their own bread and butter and the partners who made the music possible as well as particularly wonderful. Quite unusual that.

  5. My philosophy on the internets is...

    Ignore the morons.

    People who matter, know.

    People who don't matter... Don't matter.

  6. Bravo Adrian!!!!

  7. Thank you Ade for all that you have done for Crimson and hopefully what may come. I know that the day will come when Crimson will be no more but I know that it will not be of your doing. I hope that we all do get a chance for one last Crimson show and possibly another album.

  8. Great idea! As the second longest tenured Crim, you certainly have a valid say and I can't wait to read it.

    Sadly, reading one site today, it appears Eddie Jobson is also experiencing some internet backlash and his new disc isn't even out yet! All of this based on what "fans" think he should be doing, and how they perceive things are playing out.

    Best of luck with this book, the new Power Trio disc and any other projects in 2009!


  9. Thank you, Adrian. I never understood how anyone out there who considers themselves a fan (or even a casual listener) of any band can assume how the band should exist. It's your (and the other members of the moment) band! Thank you for the music and You can definitely put me down for a copy of that book.

  10. Adrian, I know you had nothing to do with any situation involving King Crimson. It's a shame that some people decided to take (whatever ever it was they took) things out of proportion and try to find a scapegoat. When I met you in PA in august at that dank bar/restaurant across the street from the theater, I know you were a nice guy, and someone who appreciated a fan.

    All the best in 09, just purchased a copy of 'Here' probably one of my favorite albums ever made.

  11. God bless you, Ade - have a safe & prosperous new year. "Illegitimatus Non Carborundum!!" ("don't let the bastards get you down").

  12. I had the plesure of meeting you twice, in 1977 with Zappa in Hartford. you went out of your way to get me 2 back stage passes. The second was at the Iron Horse in MA, prior to the double trio union. Both times you went out of your way to make a total unknown feel like a friend for the few minutes we talked. I hope we will gwt another KC reunion in 09 but if not, I would never put any blame on you for it not happening. As a side note, if May is still open for you, please consider Toads in New Haven for the Power Trio, maybe invite Tony, Pat to come along too. Also,,,just a thought, maybe try out some other stuff from KC

  13. Wow. You are stealth punk! (I mean that in a good way.) KC is a punk band! Long live the Crimson King! Even if only in our hearts and minds.

    Seriously, the anonymous sniping should be taken for what it's worth: Nothing but thoughtless provocation.

    The Crim undertaking would naturally be more challenging than anyone who isn't involved in the work end of it could know, and I find it tragic that anyone would feel the need to publicly presume a better understanding of some implicit truth regarding the personal relationships in this clearly brilliant working combo.

    Just for the record, not that it is any of my damn business, but I found nothing in the world of King Crimson in this past year worthy of anything but praise. Likewise the ABPT. Congratulations on 2008!

  14. Thank you, Adrian, for posting this. My wife and I will always be fans of yours, in any context. Looking forward to finally seeing ABPT in April!


  15. Ade, I am a long time fan of your playing and your collaborations. I urge you not to take the negative blogs to heart. Your responsibility as an artist is to be true to yourself and your muse, everything else is secondary. KC has not lasted this long without eveery band member having extraordinary artistic and personal integrity. Thanks for the joy and inspiration you have provided me since the early 1980s!

  16. As a Crimson fan and as an individual, I totally agree with you. I had the chance to shake your hands once in a Montréal's record store for the signing of Absent Lovers and I was very pleased. My meeting with RF was cold as he can be. I admire the man's music but I think he has problems with socializing and accepting you guys have to be surrounded by admiring fans (and I am not talking about his picture-taking hate stories...). To the opposite you are a HUGE artist and also a very kind individual and that transpires from your comments, blogs and even jokes in concerts. Keep up the good work and remember you were the ONLY guitar player that has played in KC for the past 30 years or so. That means a thing doesn't it???
    Yves Messier

  17. Hello Ade - just wanted to say thanks for posting this - I have read lots of "reactions" rather than the initial "story" of what happened - if anything did happen - and it is clear from your blog that you have been the victim of half-truths and hysteria.

    Your blog was beautifully written - with all the points made that would be the most important points for long-term fans of your music. I have been a seriously committed fan of yours since 1987 - and have loved seeing all the different aspects of your career, despite the unavoidable frustration of living in the UK so being unable to see Bears or trio shows....BUT...Crimson has had periods of inactivity, as well as issues where Robert Fripp's veto has come into play (thinking of the dispute over lyrics when Constukction of Light was being made).

    So i'm sure this will become a distant memory for most Belew fans, and i'm sure the truth will come out anyway.

    Please keep making music, and keep the solo albums coming...I was odd enough to buy the normal and Japanese versions of the Belewprints CD - cos I love that album so much - and love the extra tracks on both.

    Anyway - you are a huge influence on what I do as a musician and have had a huge effect on my life.

    All the best,

  18. Adrian,

    I read the blog in question. The thought that immediately came to mind for me was "When you assume, you make an ass of 'u' and me." The guy clearly read a couple things on-line and jumped to a conclusion. He's obviously a fan of your music and just upset.

    The great thing about blogs is that anyone can get his or her thoughts out there, without needing a publisher or agent. It's immediate. That's also the downside, with people publishing their ideas without fact-checking or getting an opinion first. I keep a blog of concerts reviews, and I've had to struggle with that too. I don't enjoy everything and it's not 100% positive. However, while I am honest, I try not to be mean-spirited and I only describe my own experiences.

    Please don't take that blog entry as a slight against your character. It's just a comment by a frustrated fan who wants to be able to blame *someone*.


  19. Happy New Year Adrian! I look forward to more adventures from you and the Trio. I'll also enjoy your memoir when it happens - but really, who has done more for KC than you? You're the songwriter, and I still couldn't imagine a more perfect composing and performing counterpart for Mr. Fripp. Your studio (and home), production and engineering (RIP Ken) have made virtually all of KC's efforts (including the ProjeKcts) for the last couple decades possible. To quote Robert, nobody "stands on his head and leaps through loops for Crimson" like you do.

  20. Great to hear from someone in the band that King Crimson may not be over after all.

    When I read Fripp's journal entry about the West Coast dates, I immediately thought that he was over-reacting. But then I think he does that a lot; I've stopped reading his journal regularly because I've had enough of his negativity.

    I don't think that anybody in their right mind should think that anyone but Fripp can end King Crimson. I remember reading somewhere that you said you've found a way of keeping Fripp happy after the 80s. Thank you for doing this for so long.

    I do hope that there will be another Crimson album.

  21. For some reason, the Blogosphere reminds me so much of the literary world in 18th and 19th Century England: lots of folks with access to vanity journals, some of them engaging in character assassination. The only difference between then and now is that writers were much more literate back then...or at least they considered themselves to be that way.

    If you haven't read Alexander Pope's The Dunciad, this is what he says about the Grub Street scene:

    "Hence miscellanies spring, the weekly boast
    Of Curll’s chaste press, and Lintot’s rubric post :
    Hence hymning Tyburn’s elegiac lines,
    Hence Journals, Medleys, Merc’ries, Magazines:
    Sepulchral lies, our holy walls to grace,
    And new Year odes, and all the Grub Street race.
    In clouded majesty here Dulness shone;
    Four guardian virtues, round, support her throne:
    Fierce champion Fortitude, that knows no fears
    Of hisses, blows, or want, or loss of ears:
    Calm Temperance, whose blessings those partake
    Who hunger, and who thirst for scribbling sake:
    Prudence, whose glass presents th’ approaching goal.
    Poetic justice, with her lifted scale,
    Where, in nice balance, truth with gold she weighs,
    And solid pudding against empty praise."

    Technology may change, but people sure don't.

    Happy New Year, Ade. Fools need not be suffered gladly.

  22. Wow! Adrian has to be just about the most positive person I have ever seen on stage. He just exudes positive energy and enthusiasm. Quite an amazing feat considering how the music business works with all the associated negativity. I wonder if that "fan" has ever seen (or listened to) a show.
    Someone once told me that you know you're doing something interesting when somebody gets pissed off about it. Ignore the goatmonkeys Adrian.

  23. Adrian -

    I hope you're doing well for the new year, and, like you, I look forward to a new year of hearing much musical activity from you, King Crimson, and others in the Crimson family. I saw your first date in Nashville with the Mighty Krim this year, and I will be getting more into your solo Sides this year.

    In my view, the only possible King Crimsons that there are and can ever be include you and Robert. You brought much to King Crimson that no other musician could ever hope to bring, and you've made it appear effortless and FUN. And this is wonderful.

    I'd be glad to buy any book you write, whatever it be on, but feel free to ignore the idiots and the twaddlings that paint you as some supposed "villain" in this vaudeville. All concerned and involved know your role within the music and the band, and it's not for anyone else to say whether or not you belong, you did or didn't do this or that, etc. Your former employer, Mr. Zappa, probably has said within earshot and without that most so-called "fans" don't even know what they're talking about most of the time, and I've seen some pretty ignorant things on ET when it was around. It's not important in the grand scheme of things. Don't let it bother you - life's too short for that!

    Write the book because you want to, because it would be fun, because many would be interested in reading it, and because it would be worth your time to put your memories down on a tangible format before who knows what all can happen. Write it for the love of it - just like you write the music. And to hell with what anyone else - even well-intentioned well-wishers like me - thinks or feels about it.

    But don't write it if it gets in the way of your music. :-) Life's too short to put down your instrument for too long.

    Happy New Year to you, Sir, and I look forward to hearing you in the future.

    Best Wishes to you,

  24. you HAVE TO , HAVE TO , HAVE TO write a book . the stories that you shared during the dust era were really good , well written , funny , and it would be a joy to read much more of your work . i know you would have no problem pulling it off , your style is easy to read and very enjoyable , forget the fact that i am a stalker/uberfan , if you dont do this you would be letting yourself down . plus you can add that to your resume , adrian belew , guitarist , songwriter ,multi-instrumentalist , composer , painter , producer , AUTHOR , knucklehead extrordinaire ! see how that rolls off the tongue . my favorite genre of books is the rock music variety , i know , the books written by "outsiders" PALE in comparison to the real deals . who else would you want to tell your story other than YOU . please follow through on this , i think you would do really well with it . sincerely Pt2 .

  25. A band such as King Crimson would surely live on, even if all of its active members went their separate ways; if not simply by the band's legacy alone. Though, I have to admit, this whole situation does not sound like a "situation" at all and I feel disheartened that anyone would take your words or anyone else's words out of proportion and out of context in order to make issue where there appears to be none.

    Also, this is neither here nor there, but I truly believe you have made at least as great an impact in Crimson as its longest running member has; perhaps greater. Even if you had the authority and will to say Krim had run its course, it would be foolish to discredit you and your work from then on out or hold some sort of silly "grudge" against you. Frankly, I'm glad you have taken a stand against someone who would place blame where no blame needs to be placed. I look forward to seeing/hearing what you are cooking up in this year and years to come. Though I am not a bookworm like yourself, I certainly look foward to reading 'your truth'. You're a constant inspiration and you have made a truly unique impression on the world of music. Keep up the good work. Here's to a great 2009!

    Happy New Year,

  26. Ade: i was discussing Fripp, and his role in all this, w/ a friend, and this is what i said:
    that is the thing about Fripp. he is probably a pretty nice guy. but in the media he comes off as a complete a-hole. it does not do him justice. it is all that proper upbringing. you could tell when i went to to see the League of Crafty Guitarists. during Q&A you can tell he was trying so hard to be likable, because he is. but when you put that earnestness down on the printed page or in a radio interview it comes off pompous and strained. however this bullshit got started, it was probably just a misunderstanding, but you kno Robert; he can take any situation where he is neutral and come off sounding like a well educated Godzilla. and the guys that don't understand this only see the the Godzilla part, not the part that is trying so hard, good intentioned, all around nice guy. all they see is the a-hole. i myself do it, and i kno he really isn't like that! catch my drift? whatever comes of this i doubt KC will split up, or they will stop touring, or whatever bad shit you can conjure up.

  27. This reminds me of the virulent debate over whether you were the right vocalist for Crim. Idiotic comments are like hemmorhoids. Sooner or later every asshole has one.

  28. Ade,

    Keep doing what you're doing, brother. Screw the nay-sayers and shit-disturbers. The internet is a great source of knowledge and information. It's also the perfect place for the anonymous to reveal their innermost degrees of stupidity. Don't worry about them. Crimson will be whatever it will be. Even if it's nothing.

    You have created an immense and marvelous body of work within the context of that band. I'm sure you're proud of it, as you should be. While I am glad that you have chosen to speak more on it, the music truly speaks for itself.

    Don't let the actions of a couple of chowderheads dampen the relationship you have with those of us who truly get it. You need only look at the two dozen messages in front of mine to see what I mean.

    Can't wait to see you in St. Louis. All the best for the coming year.


  29. I'm very glad you replied so strongly, have all my support. I'm just another fan, but I'd like to make you know whatever Krimson's fate will be, I'll always be very grateful to you and mr.Fripp for having made me discover such great music and having made me live wonderful moments at Krimson's gig. It's a treasure that will always stay in the centre of my heart, and nobody can ruin this, never !
    I'm looking forward to read your books, you're a great story teller, so, go on this way !
    Btw.... happy new year !

  30. That's it. As you said, the mighty Krimson lives anyway, and is RF responsibility to bring He back on the road or more challenging paths.

    Adriano, Italy

  31. Hi Ade!
    I am a long time admirer of your work, since Discipline. Before that I was and still are, a long time admirer of King Crimson. I still looking forward from what may arrive in the future. From both of you, Crimson and yourself.
    Writing is a hard task, I know about that.
    Keep going.
    Carlos Romeo.

  32. Anonimity can be a vicious thing in the hands of cowards and idiots. I can only speak from experience that the 2 nicest and most genuine musicians I have ever met have been vilified at least once for supposedly creating problems within their respective bands. And of course, neither case was or is true. I've been very fortunate to have met and had conversations (and even dinner with you Ade and Martha and Eric in Carrboro a couple years ago) with both Ade and Rick Wakeman and I can tell you,I never once had to buy a T-Shirt or "Special Ticket Package" to do so. The reason, they know that being nice doesn't have to have a price attached to it. I've seen both of these great musicians and more importantly, great people up close taking a few minutes to make all their fans feel appreciated. I know bottom line it's all about the music. There's a lot of music I love that was made by people that I've had a bad experience with. But you know, that's just who they are and who am I to judge?

    So, my point is, no one knows who you are or what you do more than you. Ade, I'm sure you know in your heart you're an honorable and ethical man (as you have pointed out) so, that should be all that matters.

    Finally, thank you for all your work. From "Super Boy", "Oh Daddy", "Lone Rhino" to all your KC contributions, if you never compose another song, your work will live on forever.

    Danny in NC

  33. Adrian,
    My partiality is not mindless. You rock! Can't wait to hear what you have to say. More downloads please...

  34. hemmorhoids ate my hampster.

  35. Adrian,

    Sorry that the anonymous twit got to you. I have enjoyed King Crimson music for over thirty years and as any fan knows by know, if it happens, it happens, and if doesn't, it was no one's fault, it just wasn't meant to be. What's more important is that the music happens in whatever form and at whatever time. Sometimes it speaks to me, and sometimes it doesn't, but that doesn't mean that it isn't interesting and vital and important. Thanks Adrian for being a part for so long. Please try to keep your sense of humor in the face of idiocy.

  36. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for being strong throughout all of this. I (and apparently *a lot* of other people I've spoken to) support you 100% in any creative endeavor you choose to pursue in the future. (I include your forthcoming book in this.)

    much love & respect,
    Philadelphia, PA

  37. I'm looking forward to the book and also to the next time the power trio hits Annapolis. I've had a blast at the last two shows.

    The internet has two edges and one must have a thick skin when you put yourself out there. In the case of Crim, I was happy to take a friend to the second Keswick show a day prior to his cancer surgery. Great way to get his mind off his troubles and enjoy a night of music. Thanks for that Ade!

  38. I can say, having photographed/reviewed/interviewed & occasionally hung out a bit with Adrian since 1984, he is not just an ethical, considerate professional, but one heck of a nice guy. Anyone trying to vilify him is just plain off base!

  39. Ade--I'm happy to see you do anything whether it be with KC, The Bears, on your own or your current tour. I've been a fan since 1969 of KC (my brother bought me the first KC album as a gift)at the ripe young age of 9 years.

    I've followed just about every line up and every one has its merits but my favorite line ups have always included YOU in the line up because of your restless creativity, terrific vocals (heck, I've followed YOU since I discovered you in Talking Heads during the Remain in Light tour and knew you would be doing something signficant on your own at some point).

    It's a pity that some fool has posted as such about you breaking up the "band". It's idiotic and pointless. Whether or not I see you in Crimson or in some other capacity, I,like a lot of fans, will be happy to see you play live.

  40. Great post Adrian!!! The naysayers are not owed an explanation, and you are more than gracious to nevertheless offer one.

    Crimson, Power Trio, whatever. It's all music that moves me, and any musical endeavor involving Adrian Belew will continue to have my support.


  41. I really would like Krimson to Tour the UK again. It's been a long time...

  42. "Crimson, Power Trio, whatever. It's all music that moves me, and any musical endeavor involving Adrian Belew will continue to have my support."

    Very good! Don't worry Adrian. Mister Fripp has is own agenda and tribulations after all. His manners seem very strong and determined, but vulnerability is just around the corner: does he sufers cheerfully? No! We hear all of it on the sacred diary (hotel this and that and so on). Be Adrian! Sincere, honest, simple, funny, very hot! Let Fripp be Fripp!

    Please don't worry! 2009 will be great!

  43. Hello Adrian,

    I remember you having similar hard feelings to online posters back in the Elephant Talk days. Just remember that anyone pretending to know what they are talking about with regards to the behind-the-scenes life of KC and Adrian Belew, has got to be kidding themselves. Read them seriously at your own risk - otherwise you'll have to take your own advice - a fifth of Jack and a bottle of Prozak! This is NOT isolated to internet postings on KC. I've seen far worse on so called serious science message boards and every other special interest that I have. You have to read this stuff in a fast, skimming filter mode - otherwise it would make any sane person crazy.


  44. Adrian,

    Nicely said. I can't wait to see you again in KC or with the Power Trio or however you decide to come around again!


  45. Adrian - I know it's difficult but try not to pay attention to ignorant comments. You have a lot of fans "out there" who think you're the best.

    Are you really writing a book??? That would be fantastic! Perhaps you'd consider making it about your whole career, not just Crim.

    Rock on.


  46. adrian,

    are you and robert speaking?

  47. I almost think an Adrian life's Book is even better than a new KC CD :)

  48. Onward, and upward!

    Best Wishes to You,

    Barry Stock,
    Hollywood, Florida, USA

  49. Mr. Squat says.............good for you Ade. The next Lemon Drop is one me !!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ade,
    As usual honkers and ne'er do wells will accuse you (or whomever) of 'breaking up the beast'. Well, if you have broken up the beast it sure took you a hell of along time to do it. Piss on the nay-sayers. On the other hand I would LOVE to see your views on the beast in a book. You have proven to be articulate and and inside view would be cool. Carver yourself out a time slot and write it. I'll be among the first to buy it!

    Best wishes and have a prosperous new year.

    Dan Anderson

  51. You know, the only thing that matters is the communication between you, Robert, and the rest of the band. So there was a scheduling conflict ... big deal. Find or create an open month in 2009 and go for it again ... to sit here and get all flustered because something didn't work out and then go over the top with it is ridiculous.

    Just get on with what you were all meant to do!

  52. Adrian,
    Your impeccable reputation will stand, your integrity, honesty and professionalism is unmatched only by your reputation of kindness and creativity. And the people who need to know, know that.


  53. adrian,

    its funny writing these words, as if i knew you, or something... i guess i kind of do. i have been listening to you since i was, i guess 16, when i started listening to frank zappa. unbeknownst to me, you were a part of franks band, and then in talking heads, laurie anderson, david bowie (who i have never really listened to), and then finally a part of king crimson.

    not having had any creative effort exposed for continual criticism like you have, i probably cannot understand the kinds of feelings you must have when idiocy is blogged.

    you probably know better than me, the kinds of crap people will say on the internet. the very few blogs i have read (this one and the one covering layoffs at our company where i work) seem to be mostly digital graffiti with no purpose other than self gratification.

    i saw you in st petersburg at janus landing in june or july of 2003, i think, and i smiled the entire show - the music was THAT good. probably the one and only king crimson show i will ever see. it is the only show that remains a vivid memory for me. i thank you (and king crimson) for an amazing evening of music.

    i am one of many fans (i am sure) who think of you very fondly even though we have never met you.

    God bless, and my warmest regards.


  54. Yes!

    Very excited about the prospect of reading your book.

    You're an honest and decent man, so I'm sure it will be a fair and objective look at the fascinating world of Crimson.

    As an aside, tho, given your experience with so many innovators, such as Bowie, Byrne and Zappa as well as Fripp and others, why not just write a book about your entire career thus far?

    In any case, whichever you choose, mark me down as a definite sale.

  55. Or, maybe two books?

    One on Crimson and one on your other musical experiences?

    (Don't mean to be greedy, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.)

    Anyway, we love ya, Adrian.

  56. Hello Adrian,

    Posting this "from Russia with love" letter I want to express you my greate respect. Go on, trouth is on your side. Your book will be the real gift for us all.

  57. I don't think anyone needs to be talking about taking sides.
    It will be a sad day if krimson has broken up when it is still a creative and innovative force, but sadder still if the break up is bitter or acrimonious. Surely that can't happen...
    There is still a load of krimson music waiting to be recorded by you guys. It will be tragic if it never gets to live.

    (Still, any chance of a UK tour, Ade?)

  58. Thanks for all the wonderful music over all the years. Please keep going. We look forward to your next releases, no matter what shape they take and whoever your band mates are. With love and respect, - S.

  59. You are one of the best ever, man. A shining light in a world of dark. That is the truth as I see it. Many would agree with me.

    Crimson being an example of what can be done when everything seems to conspire against creativity entering the world. Your role in Crimson is invaluable, your contributions seminal. All that aside, you remain open and friendly. Amazing my friend!

    I am surprised that you would take a comment that seriously. The good side is that I get to read your book which I am looking forward to reading. Thanks for your light.

  60. Glad you aren't taking any shit from the sheep.Looking forward to reading the book.You are a great inspiration to me as a musician and artist.Do not stop being Ade.
    Michael Bernier

  61. Hi Adrian,

    I am sorry that some people are making a big issue about the canceled tour. I always thought it was just a misunderstanding. I had hoped to see the a west coast show and hope it will happen eventually. I look forward to the book and to future King Crimson music or shows. I think most people realize that you are not the bad guy, but a very talented player with a great voice.

  62. Best wishes Adrian. I hope 2009 is kind to you.

    One of the things I noticed when I first started reading your blog is how nice everyone is in their comments.
    It is a testament to your sensitivity as a person and as an artist that you are bothered by one idiot blogger.

    Having said that, maybe everyone feels hurt whenever someone says something hurtful about us? I know that I most certainly do. Any little negative thing bothers me, and eats away at me until I feel a sense of resolution.
    If this is so, then imagine how Fripp must feel. Even within this little thread there were at least two hurtful, negative comments made about him. (And this within a thread about that very thing.) It is no wonder that Fripp feels the need to retreat from the cruel world. Sure he's a cranky guy sometimes. He is the first to admit it. But I wish people would just let him be.
    I am always amazed when fans start making demands of the people they admire. As a fan, I can only wish that my favourite artists follow their intuitions and do whatever makes them happy. Good Art can only happen when the conditions are right. It can’t be forced.

    Glad to hear that you are writing a book. I’ve been following your work since the Zappa days, so I look forward to reading your inside stories behind the music I love.

    In case you might be feeling a little chilled, this might warm you up… during my drive to work this morning it was -39C here.


  63. Jejejejeje, I thought this was a joke, but it's not...either way feliz año dude

  64. as i tell my son and anyone else who warrants it or needs it or is within hearing distance "know that you are loved. by more than you know. act out of that love, not out of yourself" i am glad that you addressed an unneccessity for yourself, but am saddened that it was neccessary. rock on. i want e .