Monday, January 5, 2009

so...what is "e" ?

of course it's rather senseless to talk
about music you have yet to hear,
but senseless is my middle name, so here goes.

e is a thematic piece of music in five sections.
it is based on a 16-note chromatic figure
which can be played up and down the neck,
both forwards and backwards and in various keys.
it could be seen as five pieces of music,
since each section can stand alone
but I prefer it as one long piece.
how long? 40 to 50 minutes.

the chromatic e figure is used in compelling ways
both against itself and with itself
to create complex rhythms and harmonies.
each of the five pieces of music flow through
a wide variety of secondary themes and melodies
some of which reappear, but they all are based upon
and eventually come back to
the e figure.

in some areas the timbre of the piece
is much like something King Crimson might do,
but I've used Gershwin, and Stravinsky
for my guidance and inspiration as well.
I have been writing e for more than two years!
it's very difficult (at least for me) to play.
along the way I make 16 different loops.
in order to add parts and solos over top of the loops
each loop has to be perfect, of course.

e has been written and arranged
specifically for the mighty power trio.
but it may also be worthy of classical orchestration.
I could hear a rock trio treatment
and a classical treatment (with horns, strings, etc.)
and even a combination of the two.
but I'm getting way ahead of myself.
classical treatments don't fall off trees.

as diligent and single-minded as eric and julie
and I have been in our approach to learning e,
we have yet to actually record a single note.
this being eric and julie's first "new" record
I'm hoping to make something grand
for them to be proud of.

then we'll have to play it live.


  1. Adrian, I cannot WAIT to hear that. Do start recording =0)
    You've got yourself at least one person on the edge of their seat.


    Acoustic Phenomena

  2. Ade, I hope you guys play a big chunk of 'e' in April @ Schaumburg ....

  3. Hi Adrian,

    Is all of e as furious as the section(s) you treated us to in concert in Australia (at least on the first night at the Vanguard)? It sure boggled my mind then I can tell you!


  4. Likewise, I look forward to hearing it live.

    Five seperate parts. So do the five parts loop over one another as well?

    Congratulations on the finishing a long endeavor. If it is indeed finished.

  5. But you DID play "e" in Barcelona!!! At least a part of it. Superb track, superb show.

  6. Oh no! This sounds like prog. Next thing, you'll want to wear a cape, have a rotating stage and tour with a symphony orchestra.

    Ignore me. I'm sure it's great.

  7. I can't wait either - I've been champing at the bit to hear more ever since we got a taste of e in Philly last March. Those 10 minutes were otherworldly. BRING IT ON!!

  8. Sounds a little like Stravinsky's palindromic octatonic scale. I once rediscovered that scale on my own, thinking I'd invented it, only to discover it had been previously discovered. What I liked about the scale was that the intervals were completely symmetric around two nodes in the scale.

    C Db E F F# G Ab B C

    I look forward to hearing your results.

  9. Wow! I've been waiting for something to look forward to, and here it is! Can't wait to hear the Power Trio on a studio record (and maybe live in St Louis eventually?!!) Thanks for the great news!

  10. I should be paying more attention to the schedule!! See you at the Duck Room!