Monday, January 5, 2009

baby's got...

new stage shoes!
(now I'm really getting ahead of myself).

these are exactly the same as the stage shoes
I've worn at every show for the last two years.
I bought them in melbourne, australia
at the same small shop on akland street
in st. kilda where I bought the first pair.
amazingly, it was the only pair they had
and they were in my size.
(european size 41)


  1. Hey lawdy momma, can't afford no shoes, maybe there's a bundle of rags that I could use.


  2. Wow, these look super comfy - and they even look a little shiny, too. Maybe I can find a pair for myself and channel some of your genius. Thanks for all your great music over the years! You're a treasure.

  3. Ahhh, these are the shoes that you were needing at the Crimson show at the Belcourt this past summer? Didn't you send somebody back home to get these for you?

  4. I've noticed over the years that you seem to avoid shoes with laces in them. Just out of curiosity, is this an intentional thing?

    Only wondering ...


  5. " can do anything but lay off of my new stage shoes..."

  6. at least your shoes are not controversial!

  7. I noticed those in Nashville. Very nice.

    Did you ebay off the orange pair?

  8. i noticed on dgm live that robert mentioned your blog problems and noted that you were going to write a crimbook. he seemed quite pleased with the book we all are. the mighty krim will be what it is whenever it is,and i for one will love it. i always have, why should now be any different. rock on adrian
    we are blessed to have you and your blog and music/artistic endeavors. nice shoes!!
    pat ryan

  9. Heeeeeeeeey, Acland St is my local shopping strip! A couple of years ago you were rehearsing a few rooms down from my band in Melbourne, and now I find out you're shopping in my 'hood too? Cool! Hehe.

    You should hook up with the shoe company and offer the Adrian Belew Signature Shoe.

  10. But Ade -

    You can't play rock and roll wearing brown shoes! You said that in Nashville this year!

    (laughing all over floor)

    You know, I actually didn't get it until someone on DGM's forum pointed it out. I then felt silly for not getting it. But I had fun nevertheless.

    "e" sounds exciting, and I look forward to it. And I knew things were fine with you and Robert re: Crimson. I still think some fans are idiots (myself included). But I'm glad you caught up with yourself. Still, good ideas, all - book, new stuff, and "e".

    Thanks for being you.


  11. i had a pair very similar to those but blue and yellow , picked them up second hand and wore em without socks till the aroma was pro-fowind . watch it brotha , and keep the socks handy .


  12. swimming shoes , or beach shoes , smooth bottemed slip ons that provide a certain easyality when it comes to havin to tap dance on alot of foot-buttings .

    me again , srry , Pt2

  13. I Ade. Why not make a nice box of all the sides album with a fancy booklet.
    Since I live up in cold (but lots of warmth inside) Scandinavia where no KC-connected artist ever visit I have to settle for the records.But it's still allowed to tour hear.

  14. Adrian - What is it with you and shoes?!?!?!


  15. i think Tiny Tim had a pair just like it!

  16. help me. i tried to drop a note to the bears people, and it got bounced back with a mailer-daemon error. looking to track down the debut cd and rise and shine. cheers.

  17. nice shoes.don't you have any problem while wearing this shoes.we get most comfortable shoes at the out side.


  18. come to the hampton va... we had the blues, we got the blues, we need the blues...


  19. How about bringing your fancy shoes back to Phoenix?

  20. just an fyi, Talking Heads manager, Gary Kurfirst has passed away.

  21. I am coming to the Schaumburg show (from Minneapolis) as the Old Town School is basically sold out! 3 months in advance.
    Looks like people want to hear this band.
    If only there was a Minneapolis show...oh, well, drive we must.

  22. "people want to hear this band"

    More like we are starved for quality.

    Yes, please bring the band out west.

  23. Hey, thanks for the heads up on the Old Town show.

    I surfed right over to the Old Town site and got one of the dwindling number of single seats.

    Can't wait!