Wednesday, November 26, 2008

People Of Oz!! Here We Come...

what's done is done. time moves on and so must I.

early tomorrow (turkey day) I'll be boarding a flight
for 26 hours of flying to australia.
in 1979, the first time I went to australia with david bowie
the flight took a total of 36 hours.
some things do get better with time.

eric, julie, and andre will follow a few days later.
I have several days of TV and radio press to do first.
we are sooooo excited about playing australia.
our first show is at The Corner Hotel,
the place where the audience body-surfed me around the room.
I have visions of them handing me out the back door this time.

the people of OZ will love the slicks.
just like everywhere else in the world.
it amazes me how seemingly overnight the power trio
became a bonafide international touring act.
japan, mexico, canada, russia, hungary, switzerland,
italy, germany, lithuania, the netherlands, austria, and spain
all in the last 18 months!
it's been a lovely ride so far.

thanks to all of you.

happy thanksgiving.
love, adrian


  1. well--safe travelings----
    warm the land of OZ---for the rest of
    whilst you're taking that slightly long airtrip
    sip a LEMONDROP--and toast my 55th birthday
    and while you're still in tenn--please wish
    martha and the lil-belews---
    i can't wait to hear what happens---
    DOWNUNDER------i know the aussie's can't wait to see YOU again---------love you----peace---

  2. awesome! i'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the corner.

  3. Will be seeing you in Sydney and I can't wait!

  4. good times! perhaps management could post which TV and radio shows mr.belew will be on so us aussies know when to watch and listen? hopefully we get a reprise of the crowd surf and i can get a better pic this time..

  5. My browser said that is a phishing scam.

  6. Hans Stoeve- The Spice of LifeNovember 28, 2008 at 2:11 PM

    Hi Adrian
    Very much looking forward to interviewing you for the show and hearing you perform live in the land of Oz.

  7. I was at the Corner Hotel that night. Crazy stuff. This time I'll be at the tiny Vanguard on the 8th. I expect a repeat surf please. ;-)

    And Cam Normac's site may have been hijacked for a phishing scam, but Cam is definitely not a fish. He's genuine enough. Nice feller, sent me a print of the Belew crowd surf photo as I'm clearly visible in it.


  8. I know we're not international, but it would would be lovely to see and hear ABPT in Minneapolis. Perhaps more Midwest dates will be added in April? If not, my wife and I will roadtrip to Chicago. She never saw KC (was working in NYC when I went to Park West this year), but we saw the Bears twice back in San Francisco and she LOVES Side Four! so she's excited (as am I).
    Anyway. Crossing our fingers for MPLS, but Plan B is in place.
    Viva the Trio! Our wishes for a lovely holiday season to everyone.
    Joseph and Shannon

  9. Hi Adrian.

    I hope you have a great time down under and the gigs go well. I live in Brisbane and I read about the unfortunate circumstances of your last gig here (which I was unable to attend). I see that my home town is not on your current itinerary and I hope that, the next time you bring the power trio to OZ, you might consider putting us back on the list. This is a town that loves good live music and I believe that the previous Brisbane fiasco will not be repeated.



  10. Can't wait Adrian. I'll definitely come to a few of the shows!

    I can't believe you're playing at the Heritage, A local pub for me! Quite a nice one at that.


  11. why don't you do a show in indy for my 50th? that would be fun.

    April 4th, in case you are thinking about it.

  12. Cannot wait to see you guys!! It'll be brilliant.

  13. What were "the unfortunate circumstances of your last gig" in Brisbane? I was at that gig at the Living Room and it was awesome! You did mention you played on the Sunshine Coast the night before and no one turned up, but the Living Room was packed and the crowd pumped if I remember rightly. Sad that you are not coming here again. What was the problem?

  14. And we surfed you again last night at the Corner Hotel! Another awesome show with a strong setlist, lots more improvs than your last visit to the Corner Hotel in Melbourne and the Power Trio are amazing!

  15. Buzzing still after last night @ the Corner, The Power Trio rocked, and we were left in awe, and a little bit of tinitus, worth every moment.

  16. Mr. Belew you have a wildness and energy that is invigorating.
    brother and sister rhythm section were as tight as if they'd been playing bass and drums from the cradle, great!!!!!!! you gathered extra momentum together. Eric and Julie Slick, fantastic.

  17. The Sydney Gig is in a few hours - my 19 year old son and I will be there. Adrian your music transcends age barriers. Looking forward to a great night - Neil.

  18. Sydney gig was amazing, surpassed all my expectations. The band gel together excellently and were peeling the paint off the walls. Eric Slick has got to be one of the most amazing drummers I've had the privilege of seeing live. This is not Belew with backup but a proper functioning band that clearly have respect for one another's chops and bounce off each other well. Adrian also continues to enjoy a true love of playing his music which is writ large all over his face. Thanks very much guys!

  19. Yo, Adrian...
    True to my word last night, I am following up with my take on last night.
    Adrian - great energy, to me you are better live than on recordings, I was amazed.
    JULIEEEEEEE!!!! - fantastic. What incredible feel for someone so young (and a big hit with the guys at the back...).
    Eric - my son is a drummer, and all he could say was "DAMN".
    Thanks also Adrian for taking time out to have a chat after the show. It was definitely a night to remember.

  20. Great show in Adelaide for the hundred or so of us that hung around (soooo dissapointed in the people of Adelaide). I really hope you guys come back (eric didn't look too happy by the end). Loved the king crimson songs, and was very impressed by the whole band.

  21. book extra dates in melbourne please!

  22. Was blown to shreds by your gig in Adelaide last night. Awe inspiring, a pleasure to absorb. Love how you just crack up laughing and do your little jig, getting right off on it all. You all looked so comfortable & relaxed.... ixcellent.

  23. Stunning show at the Vanguard Monday night, don't forget to see the outback!
    G'day rhino.

  24. Introduced a couple of muso friends with no Crimson history to you via the gig at the Basement 04. Dec. Asolutely blew them away. Fantastic show, and those Slick's, oh so... ! So we just had to get to the Vangaurd for another fix on 09. Dec. Can't see anything coming close to these gig's. Really enjoyed. Please come back again soon as you can. Anthony.

  25. The Basement witnessed an evening of unrivalled musicianship and sheer musical pleasure for all in attendance. Gratulations to the entire band and thanks for coming "down under" to see us. Side Four Live will forever be a reminder of the force of this great trio. Van

  26. thanks for the great gig at Bulli last night. i hope your time in Aus was enjoyable and made you a lot of money. still can't believe how well those slicks can play.

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  28. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  29. One of the most astounding performances I ever saw, the Basement in Sydney. And Adrian walked right past me on his way in. Starstruck! A big moment, especially when you realise one of your heroes only comes up to your shoulder...

    A wonderfully humble man and a musical genius. I was as humbled to be in his company.

  30. Live intervieww at Adelaide Guitar festival I got to shake hands, also asked question about Nine Inch Nails LP. To my horror I made mistake, It's your name on sleeve, so sorry. You rock. love Anna-Marie



  32. happy birthday!

    hope the tour down-under went well and you are re-hemisphered, comfy-and-cozy, at home with your family!

    happy christmas!

    happy birthmark!

    gregory w. gillette

  33. happy birthmark---
    59------OH MY MY-----
    another year bites the dust-----
    and to all-------remember-----"war is over"----
    "if you WANT it"------god i miss john----
    anyway--glad you are you-----mr atrium------
    it's a joy to know you--------love-peace---from gary---
    and all the "other" slicks--

  34. Happy Birthday Adrian !
    2009 is the year of the earth Ox, so it should be great for you, peace and love.

  35. Happy B-day adrian!
    Not to be confused with a happy bidet.

  36. Happy Birthday Adrian!

    Best wishes from Chile

  37. happy birthmark mp3 :

    have an awesome year , and keep kickin out the jams !

  38. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to Adrian
    Happy Birthday to You

    *singing outloud*


  39. happy birthday adrian !
    greetings from argentina !

    please, come to south america, we need to see you again.